November 23, 2008

David Brin story on Shoresteading & Seasteading

I’ve been hoping that SF would start to pick up some of our ideas, and a recent story from David Brin called Shoresteading uses the -steading terminology, as well as including a few of our ideas:

Seasteading. Of course, Wer had heard of such places. Along the spectrum of human wealth, these projects lay at the very opposite end from the shorestead that he had settled with Ling, in the garbage-strewn Huangpo. Here, and in a few dozen other locales, some of the world’s richest families had pooled funds to buy up small nations to call their own, escaping responsibility to the continental states, with their teeming, populist masses. And taxes. Yet, there were essential traits shared in common by seastead and shorestead. Adaptation. Making the best of rising seas. Turning calamity into advantage.

Previews are available online: Shoresteading Part I, and Part II.  Thanks to RIF for the pointer.