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Residential Cruise Line’s Magellan opens sales

Not everyone is cutting back as the economy tumbles. Or, at least, that’s the hope at Residential Cruise Line — the latest entrant into the rarefied world of super-luxe floating condominiums.

The Phoenix-based company finally opened sales this week for what’s billed as the most luxurious residential cruise ship ever — a 76,000-ton vessel that will have 210 units priced from $2.8 million to $18 million.

The line also will hold an inaugural, invitation-only sales event on Dec. 15 at Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel.

I will be watching them with interest.  I hope they do well, although given the poor luck Residensea had in selling luxury units into a recession, I am a bit pessimistic.  The ship will cost $1.2B, and is scheduled to sail in 2011. For the latest news, see the Magellan Website

If you’re interested in condominium cruise ships like Magellan, Utopia, and ResidenSea, check out all our posts tagged cruise condo. For more general information on how to live on the ocean, read A Brief Introduction to The Seasteading Institute.

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Feedback request for TSI web forums

Many of you would agree that our current forums could use some improvements. We intend to do an upgrade of some sort soon. The question is, to what?

We’d really value feedback from the community on this before we choose a direction. There’s a forum thread here on the topic, and we’d welcome your input.

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David Brin story on Shoresteading & Seasteading

I’ve been hoping that SF would start to pick up some of our ideas, and a recent story from David Brin called Shoresteading uses the -steading terminology, as well as including a few of our ideas:

Seasteading. Of course, Wer had heard of such places. Along the spectrum of human wealth, these projects lay at the very opposite end from the shorestead that he had settled with Ling, in the garbage-strewn Huangpo. Here, and in a few dozen other locales, some of the world’s richest families had pooled funds to buy up small nations to call their own, escaping responsibility to the continental states, with their teeming, populist masses. And taxes. Yet, there were essential traits shared in common by seastead and shorestead. Adaptation. Making the best of rising seas. Turning calamity into advantage.

Previews are available online: Shoresteading Part I, and Part II.  Thanks to RIF for the pointer.

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Keynote slides from Seasteading08 are up

I finally got the slides from my Vision/Paths keynote uploaded (was having problems w/ my DSL for awhile).  Thanks to Sean Lynch for getting them to me.  They are in PPTX format (some kind of XML PowerPoint open format), and they are 350MB, which won’t open on older computers.  The Presenter Notes sections contain the rough text of the talk, so make sure to display those.  With those caveats:

Keynote in PPTX format

PDF, with notes

And of course, you can see the talk delivered on Google Video at the Seasteading08 page.

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Job opening: Development Director

I am pleased to announce that we have a new, paid position available for a Development Director.

Job Description

The development director will be primarily responsible for growing membership and obtaining funding for TSI through a combination of grant-writing, outreach, PR and donor development. Working in conjunction with the Executive Director and the Board, they will develop fundraising goals, schedule and plan events, identify grant possibilities and apply. In order to develop a steady base of volunteers and donors, the DD will create and maintain a membership program, and work with the Volunteer Coordinator to make sure that volunteers are rewarded and recognized for their work.  Should have some experience w/ non-profit development and grant writing.

For more information on this position, see the Jobs page.  Thanks to Liz for helping us with the position details.

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Weekly Research Program

Wayne, Mike Doty & I have put together a new Weekly Research Program, as our first pass at a Distributed Research Program.  Each week, a new topic will be posted in the DRP Forum (RSS).  People will research solutions, and at the end of the week, a moderator will summarize the results to the Wiki.  Essentially, we’re reproducing the infrastructure sections of the book in a more detailed, up-to-date way.  The details are on the Weekly Research page.

Wayne is moderating the first topic – Watermakers.  If you’d like to suggest or moderate future topics, add them here.

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There is another way!

Today, America goes to the polls.  Whoever wins, we will not be ruled by a tyrannical despot.  Whoever wins, we will not die by the millions of starvation. Whoever wins, there will not be widespread violence, or a civil war.  Democracy is a huge advance over previous systems – it is very good at minimizing bloodshed.

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