October 6, 2008

Snippets through 10/6/2008

 Mainly we’ve been working on the conference, so not much else has happened in the past week.  Here are some details:

  • Conference
    • This is your last chance to RSVP for the conference or Saturday’s follow-on events.  We will include a few extra slots for last-minute decisions, but please RSVP now if you can.  Currently we’re expecting about 45 people, which is great – we were shooting for around 50.
    • We have the final schedule for the day.  We decided that the format for each workshop will first be an initial presentation to fill in background, then have the group tackle specific problems in that area.  The sessions will be:
      • Intro: Agenda, Logistics, Bios (Chris)
      • Vision for seasteading, Paths to get there (Patri)
      • Meet/Engage Participants (Gayle)
      • Ocean Engineering: Present MiniFloat, general Q&A (Alexia & Christian from Marine Innovation & Technology will present a previous platform design by their company, and answer general questions about the field of designing ocean platforms)
      • Coaststead Workshop – Describe vision, workshop about business ideas (Patri)
      • DIY Seasteads Workshop (Wayne)
      • Ephemerisle Workshop (Patri) – What is it, and how do we organize/run something so deeply decentralized in nature?
      • Government Workshop – How does international law currently apply, what rights are seasteaders willing to enforce on other seasteads? (Chris)
      • Continuing Engagement – TSI Projects, Volunteer opportunities, social networks (Patri/Chris)
      • Wrap-Up (Gayle)
    • Many people have asked about getting video of the event.  While it doesn’t look like any of the documentarists will be able to make it, we will be borrowing a camera and filming all the sessions, putting the video online for free, and probably making DVDs to sell for $20 or so also.  So even if you can’t come, you’ll be able to see all the talks and sessions.
  • Volunteering
    • James Hogan has taken over as volunteer coordinator and is doing a fabulous job.  He’s revising the list of volunteer roles with more information about time commitment and priority, and will have it done by the conference so that people can sign up for positions there.  We’ll also update the list on the wiki, and post an announcement here.  He’ll also be responding to the emails many of you have sent offering to help.
    • We’ve started an email list for volunteers, where we’ll send special requests and occasional notifications when the list of roles has been updated.  Sign up here.
  • Publicity
    • It looks like I’ll probably be speaking at the New Hampshire Liberty Forum, March 5th-8th, 2009.  I look forward to meeting those of you who are on the east coast!
    • Also I’ll be talking at a GMU Public Choice Workshop in April, we have it tentatively scheduled for April 8th, but that may change.
  • Administrative