September 12, 2008

Snippets through 9/15/2008

 A little early, as I’ll be out of town Friday – Monday.

  • Community
    • I’ve updated the web stats here.  Traffic has been moderate since our big publicity spikes in the fall.
    • First social is on Monday in SF!  We’re expecting 15-30 people.
    • Conference News – now that people are back from Burning Man, more stuff happening…
      • Registrations continue to trickle in.  Please pimp the conference to any groups of people you think would be interested, and RSVP if you haven’t yet.
      • Helen Lein has volunteered to make a flyer, and we’ll be flyering some local college campuses.  We’ll post the flyer for online use too.
      • It looks like a documentarist from London may be coming to film the conference.
      • We have some other graphic design projects which need to be done in the next couple weeks (T-shirts, a logo for bags, that sort of thing).  The Volunteer List has lots of 3d people but only a couple 2d people.  If any of y’all have graphic design skills, or know someone who does and would be willing to do some volunteer work, please let us know!
    • I had a fascinating meeting with the founder of SurgiCruise, a project aiming to provide elective surgery on a retrofitted cruise ship off the coast of San Diego.  One interesting difference in our approaches is that they plan to be in the US EEZ, since the US doesn’t interfere with economic activity on cruise ships.  I’m now pondering the pros & cons of various incremental strategies, whether it’s best to get the advantages of going fully outside state jurisdiction, and being able to host a wider variety of industries (like drugs), or better to start with something near-shore in a vertical, like SurgiCruise is trying, which is profitable and less dangerous.
  • Research
    • Still looking for a literary agent for the seasteading book.  Working on a book proposal / query letter.
  • Engineering
    • Wayne & I met w/ Mark Z. to discuss patent strategy.  We’re convinced it is worth patenting our design – the benefits are large compared to the costs.  The main benefit is that it makes it harder for other people to stop us from using our own design.  A patent is a much stronger defense against someone else suing us than prior art (pointing to something we published earlier) is, because there is a presumption that the patent is granted correctly.  We haven’t figured out the license yet, we’ll either make the patent freely available, or perhaps make it freely available to anyone who makes their patents freely available.
    • MI&T is continuing conceptual design work, and they’re working with an architect to do a preliminary design of the topside layout.
  • Publicity
  • Administrative
    • Almost done our non-profit application!  Really!