September 23, 2008

Snippets, 2008.09.22

 Lots of stuff this week…

seastead community view

  • Community
    • Social – went great!  30+ people showed up.  We’ll do another one in November, probably in Mountain View.  Register at to get notifications of future events.
    • Conference
      • Registrations continue to trickle in (RSVP here).
      • We have a t-shirt design w/ Top 10 Reasons To Live On A Seastead drawn from this list.  We’ll be selling the t-shirts online as well as at the conference, so look for those soon.  Also feel free to continue adding suggestions and votes to the list – we’ll periodically re-check it and modify the t-shirt design for future printings.
      • Conference flyer PDF is here – thanks to Helen Lein and Chris Rasch.
      • Tentative set of topics (anything not called a "presentation" is a participant-run working session:
        • TSI presentation on strategy/projects & volunteer opportunities.
        • TSI Engineering Consultants presentation on general marine engineering for seasteading. 
        • Business Plan : How will the first prototype seastead off the San Francisco coast make money?
        • Low Road Designs: Ball houses, refurbished cruise ships, and calm-water platforms: paths to a seastead without $50 million.
        • Marketing: How do we refine our message to give it a broad appeal?
        • Risks and Risk Mitigation: What are the major obstacles to success? What can we do about them?
        • Ephemerisle Planning/Meta-Planning: Burning Man on the sea, but with fewer rules, and greater comfort.
        • Government/Constitution/Organization: What will seasteads be governed? Afternoon Presentations ? Not divided into two groups, instead we chop the time into to sections. 
    • Publicity
    • Ephemerisle – I think that July 4th, 2009, 12-24nm off the coast of San Diego would be a good place for our first offshore festival.
  • EngineeringPintstead - side
    • We’re having the engineers explore both DeepSeaStead and CoastStead designs, as it is unclear which will be first.  As I mentioned in last week’s snippets, we’re seriously considering the benefits of starting out near-shore.
    • We were hoping to have them give a presentation about their design at the conference, but after discussion with our patent attorney, we have decided to keep the design private until the patent is filed.  Note that TSI will be licensing the patent widely – it’s for defensive purposes.  We may have the consultants give a general presentation or Q&A session about ocean engineering, so that conference participants can get up to speed on the issues involved.
  • Research
    • I contacted Robin Hanson, and he is interested in participating in our Scientific Advisory Board.  We need a volunteer to help design the structure of this Board and get it going.  If you are interested, email
  • Administrative
    • I’m revising the lists of volunteer opportunities & positions based on current projects/priorities.  I’ll post when they are revised.
    • James Hogan will be helping us scale by increasing the scope of our volunteering program, identifying opportunities for volunteers to help out and coordinating them.  A number of you have offered to help with things like improving the website and I haven’t had time to manage those projects.