September 19, 2008

BBC / T-shirt / Social

BBC Culture Shock interview here.  They asked some pretty hard-hitting questions, it was a good interview.

Thanks for all the voting on Top 10 Reasons To Live On A Seastead. We could use a wider variety of suggestions & topics – if you haven’t yet, please take a few minutes to brainstorm funny / pithy / cute / witty ideas for the list.  We’ll choose final candidates in a few days.

The social on Monday was great – 30+ people, lots of energy, good questions and perspectives.  Mostly libertarian but not completely.  We’ll have another one in November, probably at my place in Mountain View.

Attendance for the conference is still pretty low, which is a bummer for lots of reasons.  I know most of you are not in the SF Bay Area and aren’t free to travel for it, but please consider pitching it to anyone you know in CA who might be interested.  This is a chance to participate in designing a revolution in government – one that, unlike the Ron Paul Revolution, might actually work.  If you are planning to come but haven’t RSVPd, please do so now!