Monthly Archives: September 2008

Open Source World Library

 Here’s a new section from the book beta, a topic I’ve been enthusing about recently.  Comments are welcome, as are pointers to any existing open-source projects which are similar to the idea.  If there are no such projects, well, someone should get cracking on writing one!  Oh, and if someone wants to make the logo described, that would be cool too 🙂 (thanks to krustad for the logo).

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Conference Flyer

Volunteers Helen Lein (designer) and Chris Rasch (conference organizer) made us this great flyer (PDF). We’ll be postering parts of Stanford and UC Berkeley with it, and of course y’all should feel free to post it anywhere in real or virtual space. The image links to a larger PDF.

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Help us design a seasteading t-shirt!

We’re going to do this community/web 2.0 style.  Here is the list of Top 10 Reasons To Live On A Seastead, please add suggestions and vote on the existing ones!  We’ll use it for the back of the shirt.

We need a final list by early next week, I think, to be printed in time for the conference, so please take a few minutes and help us now.  You can also add suggestions as comments here and I’ll put them on the list, if you don’t feel like making an account on the list site.

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