August 5, 2008

Snippets, 8/4/2008

July was a bit of a slow month as I was wrapping things up at Google, but we now have some key initiatives underway:

  • Community
    • Our conference is coming up on October 10th, a little over two months away, and we are going to start actively organizing it, recruiting attendees, etc.  If you are interested in attending and/or helping out, please email
    • Publicity – At least two pieces are coming up in major global media outlets, and my Bureaucrash interview is up.
  • Engineering – Consulting work has started and we’ve identified a potential design that meets our requirements.  In a few months we should have rough cost estimates and an understanding of its performance characteristics.  For patent-related reasons, we will probably not be able to release details for awhile, sadly.  (We will be obtaining patents for defensive purposes and licensing them to anyone who wants to use them).
  • Research – Nothing.
  • Administrative – We are working hard on our non-profit application to the IRS, which is important and fairly involved.