June 24, 2008

Snippets through 6/23/2008

 With my injured shoulder, work has been slow this month.

  • Community
    • Publicity
    • Conference – We have tentatively settled on Friday October 10th, at Embassy Suites by SFO (with some Thu evening / Sat morning stuff).  The cost will probably be in the $100-$175 range (with meals, not counting hotel room).  It will be "unconference" style, with a few keynotes and the main focus being on brainstorming, researching, networking, etc.  You can semi-mark your calendars, but we will make a more formal announcement when we have signed a contract and made a deposit.
    • Volunteers – Thanks for all the additions to the Volunteer List Wiki page!  We will be contacting volunteers over the coming weeks.
    • Seastead socials – We’re thinking about having get-togethers in the Bay Area every 4-6 weeks, just general brainstorming/networking/keeping the enthusiasm going over drinks sort of thing.  We’ll announce that here when it gets going.
  • Engineering
    • We are hiring a local offshore engineering firm to do high-level structure conceptual design, and perhaps numerical modeling, simulation, and wave tank testing of some promising designs.
  • Research – Nada