May 13, 2008

Weekly Snippets, 5/12/2008

Faith, the first American concrete ocean-going ship

America’s first cement ocean-going vessel "Faith" was built in a Redwood City shipyard and launched from the port there in 1918.  It never saw military action as the Armistice was signed a few months later (Redwood City Public Library).  (Coincidentally, we are thinking of holding our fall conference in Redwood City, and perhaps locating our offices there as well).

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      • Many blog comments had been held for moderation (some spam, some not), as I didn’t realize there was a moderation queue. Sorry about that!  I was wondering why there was so little commenting :).
      • Comment display now defaults to threaded and oldest-first, which is standard for blogs.
      • 82 registered users in our first month – excellent!
    • Conference – Wayne got more detailed info on the Seaport Conference Center, which we’re considering.  It has a nice waterside location in Redwood City.  We’ll be working on finding a date and starting organization, stay tuned!
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    • We’ve drafted a list of volunteer roles, and will flesh them out and post them soon.