May 29, 2008

Snippets through 5/28/2008

Sorry this is late, I’ve been sick since Friday, and a bit overwhelmed with the email deluge resulting from our big media week last week.  Plus Monday was a holiday, so Friday will be my seasteading day this week.  But I wanted to get this email out because there’s lots in it and will be lots more on Monday, I expect.

  • Community
    • Publicity
      • Enormous domestic publicity last week (Slashdot and Gizmodo, which are 2 of the 10 biggest blogs, plus NPR and Canadian public radio). A selection:
      • Also significant international publicity. Our top referrer is Geenstijl, the Dutch site I mentioned last week, and currently our top 20 referrers contain 6 non-US sites: Netherlands, Austria (link), Italy (link, link), Russia (link, link).
      • Web traffic was enormous last week, it has slowed down a lot this week (stats), but still running at double the previous level, so hopefully this will be a sustained lift. Our average traffic for May is triple that of April.  The links should help our search engine ranking quite a bit and get us more ongoing traffic, and I think we’ve picked up a lot of new blog subscribers as well as site members (from 90 to 237 over the last couple weeks!).
      • We have more upcoming publicity as the story filters through to the longer-lead-time MSM, there are a bunch of newspapers/magazines/radio shows coming up, both in the US and abroad.
      • I created a press page with some high-res photos and links to previous interviews.
    • Volunteers – We got tons of volunteer emails, thanks!  Haven’t had time to sort through them all and assign projects, but should happen soon.
  • Engineering
    • As I blogged earlier, I found a cost estimate from a Navy journal for something very similar to a seastead of $337/ft^2, which is close to our initial estimates, and similar to Bay Area housing. This is very exciting, because at that price, the economics work, and I believe the economics are our main obstacle.
    • Still working on Director of Engineering job listing.
  • Research
    • Still working on Chief Scientist job listing.

My main priorities for the coming week are the job listings and volunteer coordination.  Also, Wayne & I are visiting Marine Innovation & Technology, a local marine engineering firm.  Next update on Monday.

3 Comments on “Snippets through 5/28/2008

May 29, 2008 at 7:54 am

Congrats on the all the recent publicity!  It’s quite exciting to see the idea get such widespread attention.  Any idea when the CBC interview will appear on the  web?


BTW, the Nick Szabo link is missing an "l" at the end. 

May 29, 2008 at 9:19 am

$337/sqft sounds low, but I have limited intuition on something like this.  Commercial buildings in rural AK are running in the range of $300-500/SF right now, but figure on something around $1/lb shipping, and the costs out there are extreme in every way ($8+/gal, diesel).

If the Navy article is dated, note that construction costs have gone up considerably over the past several years.  You could refer to the CCI (construction cost index) pub’d I think by RS Means to adjust the Navy numbers to current dollars.

All the same, glad to hear that there are some data points out there that fall in the ‘economical’ box! 

May 29, 2008 at 9:35 pm

Their site seems to be down, but this is the show: As It Happens.  Dunno if they post audio.

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