May 29, 2008

Snippets through 5/28/2008

Sorry this is late, I’ve been sick since Friday, and a bit overwhelmed with the email deluge resulting from our big media week last week.  Plus Monday was a holiday, so Friday will be my seasteading day this week.  But I wanted to get this email out because there’s lots in it and will be lots more on Monday, I expect.

  • Community
    • Publicity
      • Enormous domestic publicity last week (Slashdot and Gizmodo, which are 2 of the 10 biggest blogs, plus NPR and Canadian public radio). A selection:
      • Also significant international publicity. Our top referrer is Geenstijl, the Dutch site I mentioned last week, and currently our top 20 referrers contain 6 non-US sites: Netherlands, Austria (link), Italy (link, link), Russia (link, link).
      • Web traffic was enormous last week, it has slowed down a lot this week (stats), but still running at double the previous level, so hopefully this will be a sustained lift. Our average traffic for May is triple that of April.  The links should help our search engine ranking quite a bit and get us more ongoing traffic, and I think we’ve picked up a lot of new blog subscribers as well as site members (from 90 to 237 over the last couple weeks!).
      • We have more upcoming publicity as the story filters through to the longer-lead-time MSM, there are a bunch of newspapers/magazines/radio shows coming up, both in the US and abroad.
      • I created a press page with some high-res photos and links to previous interviews.
    • Volunteers – We got tons of volunteer emails, thanks!  Haven’t had time to sort through them all and assign projects, but should happen soon.
  • Engineering
    • As I blogged earlier, I found a cost estimate from a Navy journal for something very similar to a seastead of $337/ft^2, which is close to our initial estimates, and similar to Bay Area housing. This is very exciting, because at that price, the economics work, and I believe the economics are our main obstacle.
    • Still working on Director of Engineering job listing.
  • Research
    • Still working on Chief Scientist job listing.

My main priorities for the coming week are the job listings and volunteer coordination.  Also, Wayne & I are visiting Marine Innovation & Technology, a local marine engineering firm.  Next update on Monday.