May 24, 2008

Seasteads provide flexibility for climate change

There is a lot of debate and worry about climate change.  Most are worried about warming and sea level rises, which would cover coastal land and reduce usable landmass.  Others are worried about global cooling.  A significant swing in either direction would substantially change the latitudes at which human life is most comfortable.

Which is where seasteads come in.  The more of the earth’s population and economy which are on seasteads, the more robustness the world has against climate change.  Unlike traditional buildings on land, seasteads are geographically flexible.  Our main motivation for this is to empower people to create and choose societies to live in, but like any great idea, it has all sorts of accidental benefits as well.

Geographic flexibility means that we can move in response to a natural disaster like global climate change without losing everything we’ve built.  The same goes for political climate – if a superpower like the US or China becomes virulently anti-seastead, we can move towards their antipodes.  None of this gives perfect protection – superpowers can reach around the world, and climate change may have negative consequences everywhere.  But it sure beats being tied to an immovable piece of dirt.

On a lighter note, as I wrote when discussing climate change on my personal blog:

So, you guys are pretty much saying that global warming will bring on an orgy of war and famine…in such a way that only seasteads will survive and thrive?

No wonder I’m fond of it! 🙂

Personally, I believe that the great challenge with global climate change is the uncertainty – not knowing when or whether things are going to get warmer (as we’d expect from increasing CO2 levels) or cooler (as a brief glance at the historical temperature record suggests).  So I’ll let others worry about active interventions like reducing emissions – we at TSI are going to focus on building a world of unprecedented geographic flexibility, which will be robust against whatever Mother Earth ends up throwing at us.

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Danny Bloom
May 25, 2008 at 11:40 am

Glad to see your work getting good PR around the world, it will also serve as a kind of wake up call, an alarm clock, for those who are still sleepwaking toward the future, and you are right, it could go either way, toward global warming, big troubles ahead, or global cooling, also big troubles ahead, and your seasteading idea is a good way to fire the imaginations of people worldwide. When your first tower is built and ready to admit residents in SF Bay in 2010, the resulting PR and TV stories on CNN and BBC will help float the idea even further into people’s minds, so good on ya mate.


My own idea is for polar cities in the far distant future, and I realize most people don’t care about anything 500 years from now, and who knows what that time will turn out to be anyways, but i soldier on with my quiet work of polar city PR and I welcome any readers here to view my blog and leave comments. We need funding too, but not necessary. One plan is to get a model polar city up and running in Norway or Alaska in 2012 or 2015, as an educational PR tool. And the name itself might change, in the future, since these polar cities will not be at the poles per se, but just in northern areas, IF things hot up. If things cool down, who knows? I am going with the global warming scenario, but just mere speculation. I am followi

May 26, 2008 at 1:37 am

Global cooling… Should we develop ice-breaking capability for seasteads?

Capt Nemo
June 1, 2008 at 11:59 pm

Sea Steading WONT do a thing for Global Warming IF Sea Steads use these Power sources:

o Wind

o Solar

o Tidal & current Hydroturbine Farms.

o Fuel cells

o automated mini Nuclear reactors (modified from nuclear sub designs).

o pizoelectric.


What global warming.

NOT from Sea Stead projects.


Capt Nemo
June 2, 2008 at 12:01 am

Yes for Heavy Ice floe areas alone they need to be Fixed Yet Break Ice.

Or allow Canal in broken Ice for shipping alone.

Sea Steads can use Massive Heat Jets to Melt the Ice from Below.

Or drone IceBreaker Rams to smash the icfloes from beneath or surface level.

MUST HAVE for Safety, Navigation alone.


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