May 20, 2008

2008 Conference Date/Location Feedback!

We’re considering a couple different locations and dates for our first annual conference in the fall, and would like your feedback.  We’re tentatively planning for October 5th or 12th, in the SF Bay Area.  So please let us know if there is another major related event that conflicts with these dates.

For location, we have two main possible areas:

  • Seaport Conference Center, Redwood City, CA.
    • Pros:
      • Right by our current top option for offices/research/construction space.
      • It’s a good size, the largest room takes 120 people and the whole place can take about 400.  We’d probably have the whole place to ourselves.
      • Good ambience, right on the water, next to the RWC marina, has an outdoor deck that can hold 120 people overlooking the river, right next to the Port of Redwood City.
    • Cons:
      • Hotels would be a mile or two away, need to use a shuttle.
      • 20min from the airport.
  • Anza Lagoon, Burlingame, CA.
    • Pros:
      • Right next to SFO airport – convenient for travelers, including international ones.
      • Many hotels right there (because of airport), could have conference / hotel rooms in the same place.
      • Near the water
    • Cons:
      • Hotels are much larger, would be less private/cozy.
      • Probably couldn’t get space right on the water like Seaport’s deck, at best would have a view through the window.

So it’s mainly an issue of ambiance vs. convenience.  If you think you’ll be attending, please let us know if you have ideas / suggestions / opinions on the location.

One Comment on “2008 Conference Date/Location Feedback!

June 21, 2008 at 1:46 pm

Glad to hear about this conference, and I’ll try hard to make either date.

But it seems like at the current state of development, a workshop format might be better – invite a short presentation followed by longer discussion on each topic. Less work for the presenter, and a chance to present less-developed ideas for feedback. I’ve been thinking about this island nation concept for many years, altho not as formally or as deeply as y’all ("y’all": Texan for "you, plural"). In particular, I’ve got some ideas about governance, the vital role of nanotechnology in bringing down the cost of building (e.g. replace the ferrocement, which is a demonstrably BAD material to mix with salt water), and some features that would make it a nice place to live. Too early in my analysis to make a formal presentation on these subjects, but an informal discussion of preliminary ideas might provoke helpful discussion.


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