April 17, 2008

Today’s updates

  • Lasse notes that the UC Boulder talks I gave in 2005 are up on Google Video, here’s a page with them embedded.
  • I’m working on job descriptions for some paid staff and volunteers we’re looking for.
  • Lots of small website bugs fixed. More still to come.
  • Some more "user properties" have been added, you can click on your name on the upper right, then click Edit to fill them in. You can list users based on their properties, like everyone who definitely wants to move to a seastead someday (yay!).
  • Lot’s of people have volunteered their time. We’re tracking volunteer skills on this thread, so please comment/post there if you’re willing to help.
  • I put an entry on Digg for the press release, please go Digg it.
  • There haven’t been a lot of blogs about the press release. If you blog someplace that you think has a significant readership that wouldn’t already be reading the seasteading blog, please blog about us!