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We are not currently hiring for any positions. We are accepting grant proposals for seasteading related research, particularly investigations that will benefit seasteading businesses in the near future. Most grants will be less than $1000 and none are budgeted to exceed $20,000. For more information contact info@seasteading.org.


We’re looking for brilliant people who are passionate about seasteading, fun to work with, and have a stellar track record of independence and accomplishment. Ideal applicants should be excited about the idea of taking on a high degree of ownership and responsibility. Our volunteer research projects and internships are custom-designed to meet each individual’s interests and skillset. We enthusiastically provide support, but want people who will make results happen with a minimum of oversight.

Students interested in pursuing seasteading-related independent study projects or internships with the Institute can visit the Students section for more information on the opportunities that are available.

Non-students can visit the volunteer research page to see our list of suggested topics and project formats. Both in-person and remote internships are available for outstanding proposals.


Volunteer Ambassadors

The Seasteading Institute ambassadors are volunteers committed to promoting the seasteading vision and representing the organization. Each ambassador’s efforts are crucial to the success of The Seasteading Institute’s movement building campaign. Ambassadors take on an important role representing the organization and advocating on behalf of the movement at conferences, schools, other events, online and through other special assignments.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer ambassador, please visit our ambassadors page and fill out the online application at the bottom

Other Volunteer Roles

Volunteering with The Seasteading Institute is a great way to contribute to the world in a unique way. It’s rare to find causes where your contribution has the potential to have such a profound, long-term impact on the human condition. As if that weren’t enough, volunteers get the pleasure of working with a group of smart, like-minded people from around the world.

As we are a small non-profit doing intensely creative work, we have only a limited range of volunteer opportunities available. We are open to speaking with exceptionally talented, reliable volunteers who are passionate about our mission. Our volunteer projects are challenging, crafted to the individual, and come with a great deal of autonomy and ownership. Volunteering with The Seasteading Institute necessarily takes a strong commitment of time and energy, but it’s also an opportunity to make a difference that you will rarely find in volunteer roles elsewhere.

If you’re interested in volunteering, please send a resume and a self-introduction to volunteers@seasteading.org. Our volunteer recruiting process consists of one or more in-person or video interviews.