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Your work could be on this dude!


Design Brief:


Below are different taglines for our design contest, reflecting different attitudes and approaches to our goal of getting the word out about Seasteading and the Floating City Project.


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to PICK ONE (OR MORE) OF THE SLOGANS BELOW AND DESIGN A GRAPHIC THEME around it, to be used on various merchandise. (Easy enough for a creative and generous designer like you, right?)


  • “The Future Is Wet” (a provocative-sounding catchphrase-style slogan)
  • “Back to the Sea” (a representation of mankind’s evolution – possibly turning popular depictions of Darwin’s theory on its ear by forming a circle, etc.)
  • “Go Wet, Young Man” (likening the opportunities presented by Seasteading to those of the American frontier)
  • “Will the last landlubber turn off the lights?” (a light bulb with a pull chain featuring an anchor at its end)
  • “Stop Fighting. Start Floating.” (a peaceful, anti-war message)
  • “Make Steads. Not War.” (a more explicitly anti-war message)
  • (front) “The water is fine.” (back) “Come on in.” (coupled with the URL)
  • “The Aquatic Age has Begun” (indicating Seasteading’s growing number of supporters)

Have an idea of your own? Design that, too! Nobody knows us better than our community!
Our favorite entries will be used on t-shirts, mugs, key-chains and other SWAG. We will publicly honor the winning designs and give a free shirt to each designer whose art we use.


Creative Guidelines:


  • IMPORTANT NOTE: All designs should include the slogan in tweetable, hashtag format: (#SloganInTwitterForm) and the Seasteading home page (Seasteading.org).


  • This merchandise is intended to raise funds for our non-profit organization, so to limit the expense of producing it, one- and two-color designs will be given preference over designs using more colors.


Artwork Requirements:

To download a vector file of our logo for use in your design, CLICK HERE.


  • Vector Artwork is the best format. Ideal images for printing are vector based files. Vector files are usually used for logos and more simplistic designs, which is ideal for almost all merchandise printing. Common vector file formats include: Adobe Illustrator Files (.ai) Portable Document Format (.pdf) Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)


  • Color Mode RGB and CMYK both work great.


  • Text should be converted to outlines or shapes.


Please send entries to: volunteers@seasteading.org with the subject line: “Marketing Design Entry”. If the file is too large for email, please send your files via WeTransfer to the above address.


And thank you! We’re excited to see what you can do!