January 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to TSI’s January 2009 Newsletter. As the staff, membership, and worldwide interest in seasteading keep growing, we continue to have more and more for you each month.

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December 2008 Newsletter

Happy New Year! We here at The Seasteading Institute have been working hard over the holidays to ensure that future years have more hope and possibility for innovative societies than past ones. Here’s what we did in December:

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November 2008 Snippets

Welcome to The Seasteading Institute’s November Update!  We’ve been busy, and so there is lots of material.  We are making lots of progress and, as always, needs lots of help.

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October Snippets

We are going to switch to monthly snippets, as weekly seemed too often for such a small organization. In addition to posting them here, we are emailing them to the new Seasteading Announcements mailing list, as many people said they preferred email to blogs.  The list will receive a subset of the information on the blog: monthly snippets, social announcements, and major updates.

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Snippets through 9/2/2008

  • Community
    • Added a box to the front page listing upcoming GTGs, with a module that automatically parses our Calendar.  Yay for standards that let web services play nicely together!
    • The German magazine Cicero: "Magazin Für Politische Kultur" is interested in doing an in-depth story this fall.
    • Please use the wiki to keep technical notes after a discussion!
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