Workplace on high seas (Khaleej Times, July 14, 2012)



How about a floating office that has an on-board soccer field, spa, massage rooms, restaurants, swimming pools and rock-climbing walls?


THERE ARE ideas and ideas and ideas. And then, there is Blueseed. While the world of information technology might be exploding with path-breaking ideas that will make money for its creators and make life easy for the end users, many of those ideas simply don’t see the light of day because they are conceptualised far away from Silicon Valley where these ideas find backers by the dozen.



Paypal founder Peter Thiel is backing Blueseed, an entrepreneurial idea that will see its founders set up a floating office on the high seas, just off the waters of the United States of America, just off Silicon Valley.


Blueseed  a sprawling  home-cum-office for IT entrepreneurs will therefore beat the relentless scrutiny of the country’s visa and customs officials but still be within touching distance for business and exchange of ideas to flourish.


Some 800 entrepreneurs have already signed on with the San Francisco based start-up which will offer entrepreneurs every imaginable support for their work and life, including an on-board soccer field, spa, massage rooms, restaurants, swimming pools and rock-climbing walls. For upwards of $1,600 a month, entrepreneurs get a cabin working and living space of their own plus the opportunity to mingle with talented entrepreneurs from other parts of the world.


Networking can’t get easier than this, can it? For those with a bit more money to splurge, there are $3,000 cabins that provide more space and amenities. Entrepreneurs who sign up will need at the least a US business visa to take the ferry to land on US shores, plus $30 for the ferry ride.


The Blueseed venture will go live by end of 2013 and its promoters are saying that this could be the perfect way to give your winning idea a great chance to succeed. If you have a winning idea and moolah to spend for your stay at this floating home-office, we suggest you pack your bags and head to Blueseed. You having nothing to lose….


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