Want to Build Your Own Floating Country? (The Osgood File, February 7, 2012)





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It seems that all over the world, there are lots of people who are very dissatisfied with the government of whatever country they’re in. But, they’re not sure they’d like the government any better anywhere else they know of. So, what can they do?


Listen to this: Michael Keenan is the president of something called The Seasteading Institute. Keenan says…


SOT – Michael Keenan, president of The Seasteading Institute
“There is no one kind of government for everyone – no one ideology for everyone. And so, if there was a new space to start governments, we would see an ideal society for everyone. But there’s no more land. However, seventy percent of the world’s surface is covered by ocean – and it’s unclaimed, it’s international waters. So, the Seasteading Institute strives to create to new countries on floating islands in international waters.” (:21)


Yes, you heard right. Stay tuned and you’ll hear more…


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The California-based Seasteading Institute is not talking about floating countries some day in the sweet by-and-by.


SOT – Michael Keenan
“In a decade, you’ll start to see custom-built semi-submersible platforms resembling oil rigs – and in a few decades, huge cities the size of Hong Kong on the ocean with millions of people living in very diverse, very effective and efficient societies on the ocean.” (:15)


The technology already exists, says the Institute’s chief engineer George Petrie. And the ocean sea covers two-thirds of our planet…


SOT – George Petrie, head of engineering at The Seasteading Institute
“Why don’t we just utilize what is so readily available to us by colonizing the surface of the sea and positioning ourselves to intelligently take advantage of the resources that the open oceans, the bounty that the oceans offer us.” (:15)


Don’t worry, says Petrie – you won’t get seasick.


SOT – George Petrie
“So, even in very inhospitable, very stormy sea conditions – the platform will remain very stable, very minimal motion. One would hardly know that they were on a floating body.” (:12)


Seasteading’s ideas are already taking off. Google “Seasteading” – and you’ll see.


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