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Zutai Abunai

  • Well, I have been working on the planning for the system for a few weeks now. With A.D.D. that like having a team work on it for a few months :P
    But, it has not gone into the testing phases yet. There is still room to make adjustments. None of it has been tested together, so it may not work as explosively as hoped. If you guys have any ideas,…[Read more]

  • The plan was to actually use death metal or the like, to make the vibrations :P Does a bit less damage to the hull, though it may need to be soundproofed for some of the residence to not take damage…

  • So, rather than trying to take this topic into 10th dimensional reasoning, to try and figure out where shredder is from, I think we should move on to something more constructive for this lifetime.
    How are you guys looking at making your systems without your CS work? I have been looking into many ways to make water, food, and power on the CS, but…[Read more]

  • When I mentioned FPT, I meant structures like it, rather than it itself. Even using old oil rigs, would work as far as using them for a base to build a CS around, and have smaller parts break away. If done right, you could even barrow space around active rigs, and use the workers, to help you keep money flowing.

  • Using a point like FPT to build a floating system off from, will give you a place to load the humans you need to keep the system running. FPT would be handy due to how stable it in even in great storms. Using it to build from, would be far safer than trying to start from scratch far out at sea. Even if you start tethered to a place like FPT, you…[Read more]

  • Ellmer, we are looking at making steps in our own projects, using these stones, rather than just jumping forward without a path.
    Ocean, though everyone bringing gravel would build up over time, but I would like to see this before I have kids.

  • Ocean, that is only if it is done in a traditional method. There are many ways to save money on that kind of project. Though, they are not always looks well upon…

  • Well, I am sure my biggest issue in a boat in winter, would be the ice creeping up on it. I love the cold :P But, I understand that humans are not meant to be able to leave burns on each other, either… My poor ex…
    From what i have seen of fpt, the issues would be less about the temp, and more about the winds. FTP has been able to withstand…[Read more]

  • Ocean, whats the fun of sanity?
    The structures I was talking about were actually on the east coast, rather than out here in cali. I am unaware of structures like the frying pan tower out here.
    With the right floating structure, you would not have to worry about the waves, no matter where you anchor/stop. Though, those tend to be a bit more pricey…

  • Ocean, it is often cheaper to buy stationary structures that are being abandoned, rather than to build a new float. Due to this, there will be many kinds of viable sea-steads in use, in time.
    Me and Shredder were talking, and came up with an acronym that were could use as the sea-steading community: CS. C as in sea, but it is better than trying…[Read more]

  • In those types of situations, there should be a mostly elected government that can make those choices quickly enough to save everyone. I say mostly, due to the owner of the segments, being the captain/king that has merely paid his way into the politics. Each of those being rated in power, buy the percentage of the city they own. But, there should…[Read more]

  • Not in a forced labor form of way… In a grateful for their work, kind of way. None of the work will be forced, and there should be many options for them to pick from, when it does come to work. Though, the system America is using, is more of a forced labor system, than much else. What can you do without money?

  • Shredder, if you want to pay rent for your place in the community, that’s fine. But the people working to keep your home afloat, would be offered the option to have most of their bills just taken out of their check, and not have to worry about money for as long as they work.
    I dont want the people who I depend on, to be starving while working to…[Read more]

  • With the issue of age and illness that can come up out of the blue, I believe it would be best to find work they can still do. Politics may be a good fit for many who have reached an age where they can no longer do the work, yet still know things that they can teach to others. Like tribes use when great hunters become old, they teach and lead the…[Read more]

  • The down side of “marketing” to those who attend the burning man and the like, is that those are going to be most of the people you get. It would be nice to have a satellite island for those, while keeping the main money making systems on the main island. We need to look at a broad spectrum, before we start trying to focus. I would love to have a…[Read more]

  • We need to look at the money end, while we dream about our goals. If we can get it to make us the money we need, we can looking into the sea-stead we want.

  • I was mostly looking at the low money system idea for a standard living style, rather than cramped quarters and bad food. Using a mix of communism, and capitalism, to try and find the best balance of the two, I hope to find a better system. For this I will need help hammering out the details of the system. I am only able to do so much on my own,…[Read more]

  • Well, I brought in the politics, to make people think about it,rather than trying to state what is better. Now, we have moved on to economics. It would be nice to hear your views on this subject, rather then one we have moved past.

  • Per your “sexist” mindset maybe. :P
    Your gender based separation, is due to the culture you have been raised into. If you broaden your views, then you will see the full scope of things that must be changed, to be truly gender equal. Though, I dont think I am ready for that level, myself :P

  • If you want true gender equality, then make the public restrooms equal, and make the guys sit down every time. Anything short of that, is only doing enough to quiet the groups.

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