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  • That’s an interesting idea, never thought about anchoring from the lowest point rather than the above water. Are you planning physical access to wherever the anchor cable comes onboard or some kind of remote operation/monitoring?

    I’m no expert on US rules (on the other side of the pond) but I guess you will have to comply with both the CBP rules…[Read more]

  • Draught of the biggest ships is about 25m (80ft) so I’d agree you aren’t likely to find 200ft at any berth.

    If you are planning to have a 200ft draught though then remember that as a rule of thumb your anchor cable needs to be around six times the depth. Assuming you want another 50 ft or so of underkeel clearance so you aren’t scraping the…[Read more]

  • Whilst some ships are too big for some ports they don’t get chartered to go to those ports so the situation of them not being able to enter any port or get close to any land mass just doesn’t arise. If they haven’t got orders for a cargo then they anchor in designated anchorages marked on the charts. Fujairah and the various anchorages around the…[Read more]

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