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Dan Haight

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    Dan Haight

    As I’m sure you’re aware, I’ve been promoting “Flotilla” for over 8 months now and while I’m excited about the success we’ve experienced so far (podcast appearances, our worldwide audience is coming out of the woodwork, we got picked up by some indie bookstores) … we’re also looking at the future.

    Fans of Flotilla have been coming up to me and demanding to know when the sequel is coming out. We’re taking that as a sign that A) the book is capturing people’s imagination and B) we should be telling more people about it. I’m working on promoting Flotilla so that it can reach the maximum amount of people for its own sake and also to build the platform for its sequel “Iron Mountain.”

    We Don’t Want Your Money – We Want Your Help
    Our resources have gotten us to this point and we’re in need of additional funding to take the promotion of Flotilla to the next level. It’s important to me that you know that I’m not pitching you for money – I wouldn’t want to our relationship to be about that and I know you wouldn’t either.

    What I would ask of you is the following – take a look at our project below and read through it:
    If, after reviewing it and if you think it’s a worthy cause, share it with your network through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or email. That’s it. That’s all I ask.

    The more eyes and support we get for Flotilla, the more likely it will be that Flotilla can find its home among the global audience of people who are interested in sci-fi, solutions to ecology problems like world hunger and global warming, pirates, addiction and recovery. Flotilla is a great crossover sci-fi / YA novel for a reason and I want to help tell as many people about it as possible. I know you like helping people take the next step in their career and with their personal projects – I wanted to offer Flotilla as a success story you may wish to be a part of.

    As we said in the Kickstarter, Flotilla’s ideas about seasteading, mariculture and responsibility extend beyond another sci-fi novel: These ideas can be the tools that save our oceans and ourselves. By contributing to this project – you’re sending a great novel out into the universe, you’re bringing together an audience of global citizens and you are giving them a platform to change the world.

    You can review our web presence at http://www.flotillaonline.com and check out the first three sample chapters there. You can learn more about me at my personal website (www.northern71st.com) and read my bio here. If you’re interested in reaching out to us for media-related inquiries, start with our Media Kit and feel free to contact me as Flotilla’s media contact. After that, we hope you’ll consider helping Team Flotilla and cheer us on as we bring Flotilla and its sequel to the world!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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