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Joshua Dix

  • Joshua Dix replied to the topic Hello Seasteaders in the forum Introductions 1 year ago

    Thanks for responding Charlie,
    As far as being on the same page you are correct, many of my designs include gyroscopes, isotruss, and using shipping containers though not as a permanent member of the finished platform but rather as a floating platform on which the operations of construction would take place. I must admit that many of my…[Read more]

  • Hello community,
    My name Is Joshua Dix, at present I work as a Tattoo artist in northern New York, and as a hobby I work(but do not get paid) as an industrial designer and engineer. Basically I take when my imagination comes up with and try and figure out how it would be feasible using current technology. At present I am working on a design…[Read more]

  • Joshua Dix became a registered member 1 year, 5 months ago

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