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    great to have another active voice here. It would be great if you could write up your proposal to possible investors with pictures in a blog, forum, website, etc. and supply a pointer to it so we can understand it better…


    Floating development investor proposal list.


    …a serious developer always has a “project pipeline”…

    The principle of massive parallel development represented in a “project pipeline” – what you go for, is try fast, learn fast, fail cheap, try again and again and again, “get systematic in your development approach”… …


    What kind of project development would YOU offer to an investor asking you to make the “most seasteading” out of a 100.000 USD first budget release, on a “let’s see what he comes up with” base.


    Do you have any “proposal page”, blog, forum, where you can point us what your color of seasteading is about ?


    Ocean from your former posts i get that you have a nice “list of assets” that make you the “correct man to be in charge” for a phase1 project in Florida. If i remember correct you have experience in living aboard a ferrocement boat, experience in handling of marinas, and floating assets…this is a capital you can work with…in a “tip your toe” pilot project…


    …show what you built latley…

    To catch up with what i have done, built, explored, latley check here to get an overview of methods building tech and pricepoints builds. To check what is the “range of proposals” read up here. Then follow the links to walk deeper into the projects…



    …better building than lecturing…

    It is not a either, or, it is all of it in the right dose. You can not have the more here phase 1 investor talk without a floating structure of at least some 20m – have been there have done that…


    I share your opinion that “there is not much to loose” on the “movement image front” so Randy’s decision to “hit the yellowpress on Kardashian Level” is probably a good one… I would be more concerned that the 50 million upfront to get this started might be “pure fiction”…so my concerns would be rather that it will NOT happen than it will happen.


    I invite the forum to re-think a common paradigma. The comments frequently reflect, that people comment from the base idea that the forum members are called to be “watchman about the rightfull path of seasteading”. We all would come better along if we accept a wild pluralistic approach to the movement…and let stand “other approaches” as default behavior…


    Sure, any investor in a project will come with that “kind of ideas” and you have to “adress those doubts” if you want your project to take off and your investors come on board. As project developer when you get that kind of communication you normally have thoughts in two directions.

    Direction 1: you find comfort in the fact that it has cero importance what a “random bystander” thinks about your project the only thing that matters is what your board of investors (not more than 5 people) thinks about your project.

    Direction 2: The poision dripping comment of a bystander may point to a base issue that your investors are thinking about but not commenting on – therefore even the “worst comment” can contain “valuable leads” what you need to work on to move forward.

    As a developer you better grow a thick skin and learn early to make somthing productive from a bad comment therefore my question – could you flesh out this comment ? what is the field of concern ? why would you say such a thing? what would you need to see with your own eyes to come on board as a “trusting investor” (theoreticly if you had money to invest). I surley can adress concerns while they are reasonable.


    …offer your investors a tip your toe pilot project…

    A opt in / opt out sum of USD 100.000 is a good starting point.


    …seasteading comes in so many forms and colors…

    …That we probably can not have “unified criteria” on “press strategy” communication strategy, define what is a seastead, is this a true seastead or not, does this project serve or hurt the seasteading higher purpose…


    read more on emerging press strategies… Read more on the “this is not true seasteading” argument… Nobody knows what good will come out – if we don’t try it…my recommendation try but be well aware where the reefs are the project needs to be steered free of…


    Wayne Gramlich – went off screen and off funds

    – his bad attitude towards press might be a key factor in this development…The people who created the “techno-libertarians go oceanic myth” got a “a million of investment dollars to do more of it” – is that telling us something…? – we might think a bit about that fact…

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 1,401 total)

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