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    The oceans are full of energy, ocean currents, waves, wind, OTEC, hydrothermal vents, this energy can be harvested.So infrastructure and permanent installations on the oceans are needed. What offshore oil and gas industry is doing, is merely the tip of an iceberg of possibilities…in the same way as offshore oil created a whole industry “out there” each of these fields is creating its own oceanic industry as we speak…to check on the magnitude just google up brasil and its presalt oil development…related themes “vent base alpha”, offshore windfarms, etc…
    Of course this is leading to some kind of “seasteading” (permanent human presence on the ocean).

    “special purpose floating cities” built on the watersurface itself, are already out there…supplying our land cities with oceanic energetic resources…not happening in the future, happening now. This specific project started as baystead in a shorenear protected building site and is now installed in a mid ocean location in the North Sea.


    Floating marina, yacht, boating, business, smaller scale also developing towards seasteading…

    shoreside event, hospitality, restaurant, marine tourism, business, developing into floating structures out on the waterspace…marine business clusters, everywhere…


    This inevitably leads to floating industrial cluster developments like the Cartagena Marine Business Cluster.

    Settlement of Islote Cartagena Colombia, Seasteading already.

    Floating Marina development…floating walkways, infrastructure, wharfs…extending from land out to the waterspace.


    The floating breakwater of 160.000 tons that protects the harbor of Monaco was built in Algeciras Spain and towed over open sea to be installed in Monaco, the hollow concrete piece (concrete honeycomb shell) contains a parkhouse and a shopping mall, structures of this kind and the business opportunities they open will definitly lead to some form of seasteading…
    It is not a yacht, not a ship, not a barge, it is something new that points to a future of oceanic concrete construction.

    … As the world becomes more ocean oriented the 21st century may see more construction activity on the ocean than on land…

    Installed in Monaco. Size: Loa 352m / Height 30m / Beam 30m /


    The technology of printing cells by layer on a collagen structure is already cranking out urine bladders, arteries, heart valves, functional livers and kidneys, also functional muscles and bones to transplant into living organisms (some in human patients) – so i am sure that a T-bone steak is within technology reach already, at the moment building complex organs is feasible but expensive and reserved to medicin so far – the cultivation technology went form “cell layer slime” to “functional heart valve for transplant” in some 3 years – so we will have commercial viable T-bone steak for large scale human pleasure without involving cows in 2 years i assume. Cell culture that produce meat suitable for hamburgers much earlier. By the way i agree that canabis is a great substance for many medical uses and might need large scale production sites. But it is probably not a good flagship theme for seasteading. (Colombia is putting “death toll” in the “drug war” on a dayly base…while drugs get legalized by the country that imposes this “war” on Latin America…another political f.k. up that makes “escape from politics in all its forms” desireable…) I see pharmaceutical seasteads more in this direction…
    More about the status of growing complex organs muscle bone structures…


    See more on the topic oceanic platform for interference free pharmaceutical research and health services…


    In the project we looked a lot into hydrophonics/fish combination and the size a dome needs to have to allow a family to grow all its own food inside during years. It looks feasible to fit such a project into a dome of just 12m diameter.
    Around 2012 we where also approached a lot by people from the “prepper movement” who wanted underearth dome structures to survive appocalipse. They do a lot of investigation in that field. The general greement is that the area of “land” (in the sense of a field) necessary is cero. Any food including a T-bone steak can be grown with cell culture in a glass box skipping the (today obsolete) way over a living cow. The limiting factor has always been sunlight necessary for plant growth. But this has been solved in the last 5 years with the development of diode lights for agriculture that outperform sunlight in plant growth. So no greenhouse with glass is needed anymore either. From todays technology perspective it looks feasible to pack a family and a windowless greenhouse into a 12m dome under earth or in the middle of the ocean underwater and run it for years with no interchange with the outside world in the sense of a 100% closed cycle “biosphere experiment”. (This also includes a closed respiration cycle with algea ). The only element needed from outside is energy. The development of the human population on our planet (6 billion) requires a 100% recicled sistem to attend all human needs without alterating nature take nothing from it drop nothing into it within a few decades as a survival need. This means that traditional agriculture can not do the job of feeding people anyhow, not drop in nature includes things like “fertilizer” and “pestizide” and “not take” includes “farmland”. (the cut back of those three are key factors in species extincion and climate trouble)

    Read more:

    Get a foothold in ocean colonization:

    The Captain Nemo Lifestyle:

    Why oceanic business is the next big thing to come:

    Ocean sphere fish farming:

    Ocean colonization gallery:

    So basicly you can build a 100% recycling sistem into a concrete shell that encloses the space volume of a family house no “fields” and no “greenhouse glass installations” are necessary any longer with the technology of today.

    Probably the whole concept of “farmland” and “field” needs to be dropped to the basket of “ancient history” to be replaced by a eco concept of “not touch and alter anything” in nature. We need to see our blue planet as a spaceship on a 100% recycle sistem – climate change and species extinction is rivets popping out of the life support sistem. If we want to travel safe we need to get familiar with 100% recicled processes for human needs.

    The future of humanity will include the oceans (they count for 99% of the living space available on spaceship earth) but it can not include traditional agriculture to feed billions of people…we will probably not float farms on large scale ever…


    Floating pharmaceutical research center, free of regulations, political interference, – cutting edge research as redtaping free as it gets…
    The global pharmaceuticals market is worth US$300 billion a year, “political, regulatory, and legal interference” is the single biggest issue in pharmaceutical research and the reason why so few new blockbuster products come out of the research pipelines now. So opening a “interference free research and development space” on the oceans will definitly be worth going after…


    smith,…seriously? in the context of “future of marine business” do me a favor and split this topic in a “dedicated thread”…be insured i will NOT post there…you just did a great favor to seasteading to be “taken serious” by investors. Congratulation on “topic leadership”…great work ! May all potheads of the planet live united on a dedicated stead…and do their thing in “interference freedom”…relevant for the marine future of humanity – probably not.
    As a second thought, when you put it in a context of a floating medical research facility for heavyly restricted research areas hindered by many countries (think stem cell research and canabis research) getting new pharmaceuticals for anti-depression and pain relieve might really work well on a seastead, taking benefit from “non interference ambients” on the ocean…


    shoreside real estate development will lead to seasteading…as development space on land becomes scarce Cities need to expand to the ocean…


    The cruiseship industry will develop into something else…

    that is much closer to seasteading…

    business figure in the United States allone today : $42 billion in total economic activity
    The marine business cluster in the bay of Cartagena is attending 4 cruiseships per day now…


    on contrary, fishing (defined as catching wild stock) is a “small dying branch of marine business”, just as whaling, if you look at the marine business volumes and its developments, fishing is “just no more worth talking about” when the talk is the “future of marine business”… only ocean drift cage aquaculture and other forms of “ocean domestication” is…
    Fisheries once where worth $ 246 billion a year they will be down to near cero in 5 years…the oceans are overfished and empty…there is no more bison out on the prairie…fishing fleets are dying a rust away death already…investors need to point their money to a promising oceanic future that has growth potential and is sustainable, fishing is not part of that. No industrial process that takes something from nature, drops something into nature, can be anything else than part of a “short sheduled transition period” on a 6 billion inhabitant planet growing 1 billion per decade with a species mass extinction and climate disturbance in progress.


    We will not replace the oil industry with solar panels in a few years. There is no way to handle such production volumes. What will happen is that the oil industry changes it focus from oil to gas and then from global warming gas “fossil methan” to “ambient neutral hydrogen” keeping working with the same energy infrastructure that is in place globally today and that took decades or even a century to implement. Coal fire plants will be replaced by cleaner LNG and finally by absolut clean hydrogen. Solar, wind, wave energy, will start (have already started) as a niche product and work its way up to the energy supply mainstream over a few decades. Marine business as the cluster mentioned before will have a central role in this transition, so will have floating infrastructure like production sites, port installations etc… How i know that? it is happening already – the broad public just has not taken notice yet. We are not “aproaching the biggest technogy transformation” in the history of mankind, we are already in it for about 40 years.


    spark, part of the reason why this operation is done in open sea and not on land in a city center harbor is, that a gas tanker can blow up with a force that takes the whole city out. This is a business where being remote and at sea is an ADVANTAGE on many levels. No aproach of unidentified boats – obviously – so identify properly, be part of the appraching boat shedule do not just go out there and shout “chicken soup” having a long smoke trail and open fire when approaching. Be part of a “expected and welcome service” not a “undue interuption”. Successful “Logistics integration” is the key element of any business cluster floating or not.

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