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    …we are back to basics..

    Any developer who can not pass the first stage – the (1) successful phase 1 key conversation and get invetors on board, will always stay on the same spot. This is why passing phase one is so important for the seasteading movement…



    …pictures of our floating concrete shells…

    wilfried ellmer floating concrete shells and concretesubmarine.com


    ….we might as well close shop, because at last count I don’t see anyone investing any money in any seasteading ventures…..

    I completly agree with your analysis in a world that invests USD 70 billion per year in creating sandbanks to get real estate from the sea we should see more investment


    Floating building site (proposal 3.2) investor proposal list…building floating real estate on a floating platform is the primary business that can convert USD 1 investment in USD 102 of real estate value .


    ….And did you “get a chance to reach a higher funding level”?…

    yes. I did a successfull phase 1 investor communication – in consequence i am now on route with projects pointing to (1) phase2 with investors on board.


    in the ocean sphere concept i have a 10m diameter sphere, space equivalent of a 209 real estate square meter house at USD 93.000 built in mid heavy method (10 cm wallthickness) . With an optimized mass production site and optimized methods this 10m sphere is probably buildable at 20 K…


    ….how many massive submerged concrete spheres have you built….

    Well if you let stand the argument that forming a (1) blimp shape and a sphere shape is equally difficult, i have built enough of them to clear any doubth (from 90% of the auditorium) that i can do that in any size.


    If you can not impress your investor with a funding of 100K you probably will not get a chance to reach a higher funding level…The answer “i will sink the first 100K in blabla reports and create nothing” is probably not prone to get investors on board. I built a giant submarine (1) for this amount – that impressed most investors around… and made a point (2) for the heavy tubular building method and its technology reach. Then i made a point for the light honeycomb method. My investors think i made the point.



    …many design challenges around spherical construction,…

    If you read a bit around in my projects you will find hat we offer the same price for construction of ANY shape – once you have figured out a good building method the liquid material concrete can take any shape. What you call a “design challange” is a “no issue” for a experienced builder.


    “And I’ll tell you again that you are wrong…” and i will tell you that you bark up the wrong tree. You are not called to decide which concept to seasteading is going to be developed further and which not. The only opinion that matters is the opinion of the people that actually invest money in seasteading ventures…the path is not decided by “fierce discussion on forums” it is decided by “investment or no investment in presented proposals”.


    A typical investor will answer: For now I trust you with USD 100K – if you bring something up that impresses me, i give you USD 300K in a year from now, to proceed, maybe in 50 years from now, if you keep impressing me week after week i give you the billion – who knows…

    What do you answer? – have you done your homework to impress with funding of 100K in first round ? – Or do you wait for the “Untypical Investors” giving a billion upfront? if so – i wish you good luck !


    …stationary efficient living space enclosure…

    When we let stand smiths base theory that the concept of “stationary” and “claiming territory” is a key ingredient of the “smith version of seasteading”, the design question cooks down to the base question “how do i optimize the distribution of a amount of concrete in a shell so that it encloses a MAXIMUM of usable space. The geometrical optimized answer is a “sphere shell” – not a “tubular tower shell”. Accepting the “postulated need for a seafloor connection” what is the “minimized connection” the answer is obviously a tendon or tension leg. So instead of “casting towers from the seafloor” the optimized solution for a stationary smith stead will be rather like pictured here.


    link to the Smith seastead proposal

    The correct link is: Smith Seastead Proposal – can you flesh out the return on investment part ?


    ….investor developer get to know each other…

    The purpose of the first budget release (100K) is to open a space where investor and developer can get to know each other. In an ideal world the developer cranks out something to come to “phase one key conversation”. Both parties work their most important base questions in this first round.


    …contest: make most seasteading of USD 100.000…let’s see what you come up with…

    Instead of trying to invent seasteading in a “single controversal project” have a “dozend projects” with USD 100.000 each – then document the result of each group, select the best according to the results in round 1 and fund USD 300.000 to the winners to go for round 2 – repeate and scale up until the final solution is on the table. Instead of “arbitrary hand pic” a engineering firm develop a merit based developer pool.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 1,401 total)

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