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Ancient Man


    They where operating in the Russian territorial water under a Dutch flag and they climbed aboard The Prirazlomnaya platform which is a stationary unit that is attached to the sea floor inside the EEZ of the Russian Federation and owned by Gazprom.

    It’s not prohibited to go through EEZ with another country flag. Also, the ship was…[Read more]


    All the islands, islets, rocks are claimed, man. All ships are registered under a flag. We talked about it, too. It is possible but it will cost tenth of millions to buy an island and sovereignty attached to it. If you have that kind of cash, just do it.

    OK, let’s imagine I did it without a team. Now what, do I become a dictator?…[Read more]


    In the context of “offshoring”, there is no doubt in my mind that seasteading will offer the highest degree of “non-interference” (meaning, as ellmer put it, “not meddle with people’s private business”). Sovereignty of a seastead will be GAINED WHILE seasteading, and IS NOT A PREREQUISITE for seasteading.

    It can be done both way…[Read more]


    If you firmly believe that seasteading “is not possible on Earth”, why are you here? Most of us here believe the contrary and we stick to that ideal and to each other. If your idea of “Country Creation” is to buy an island and sovereignty attached to it, why are you here? We want to built a floating city or island here not to buy a p…

    [Read more]

  • ellmer

    No by “non interference” i do not mean “sovereignty” i mean “not meddle with people’s private business” i mean “privacy” i mean the implementation of the glorious right of self determination and the quest for freedom and happyness whatever a person understands as such.

    That’s just not possible on Earth, agencies like NSA can spy anywh…[Read more]

  • Historicaly Venice is more recognized to be “part of the solution” than to be “part of the problem” in the transition from the “dark ages” to “enlightment”

    Still, that doesn’t give anyone right to consider Venice Republic a democratic state. Maybe it was better than the others, but it isn’t enough to call country a democracy.
    Also…[Read more]

  • I give you a historic example for a “interference free space” developing socially and business wise over centuries VENICE.

    Maybe you will also propose riding on horses and sailing on wooden ships? In times of Venice Republic states couldn’t control all of the Earth. Now they can. And they will prevent unlawful formation of country.
    Anyway, it…[Read more]

  • ellmer

    Venice called “the floating city” oriented to political autonomy, direct democracy
    It still is perhaps the most elegant and refined city in Europe, greatly influencing art, architecture and literature.

    Yes, very elegant and refined city that was full of slaves. Very democratic.

    Part of its magnificence and wealth was derivated fro…

    [Read more]

  • ellmer

    people always have been looking out for 9.9 interference free spaces far from ruling to “live their lifes according to their own codes”. It is part of the human nature. Just think the historic example of a pirate ship – it is a interference free space highly mobile, with a bunch of people on it every man has a vote

    If they have a right…[Read more]

  • Work is an integral part of life. It’s a law of nature due to thermodynamics. If you don’t do anything, your entropy will increase. It doesn’t matter if you work for yourself or for employer, it’s still work with the same properties of “do or die”.


    The proposed scale was for business freedom interference, I guess…But isn’t any business a dictatorship in itself? When you are at work you are a slave…you have to do what you’ve been told and train or you’ll get fired.

    Business isn’t a dictatorship because it’s usually voluntary. Most people aren’t forced to work for a particula…[Read more]


    A 10 on the interference freedom scale could be a double-edged sword…

    But what is 10? Is it absolute dictatorship? If a human is alone, I agree, it’s possible to have 10 (because most are dictators to themselves). As soon as there’s another person with you, 10 is possible only if the other person is a total slave.

  • Yes ancient – that is the eternal struggle of the white forces against the black forces

    I disagree with this interpretation. The world isn’t black and white. Discussing things in black/white terms only leads to unnecessary conflicts.

    The match white forces against black forces is 50/50 half of the worlds capital is flowing offshore o…

    [Read more]

  • Time and tide waits for no man. http://www.themanmadekey.org/

    But I can’t find the place for discussion there…

  • ellmer

    We live in a world where half of all money flow is offshore already, tycoons like Abramovic and Branson are “offshoring” their private life to islands and megayachts, Google is offshoring data centers to get rid of state interference in their business

    How about thi…[Read more]

  • ellmer

    Richard Branson buying an island in the caribbean – going oceanic.
    Yachties living on a boat instead of a apartment – going oceanic

    Uh, so what? They are still under someone’s jurisdiction.

    SabMiller floating breweries

    Designer concept, they make it all the time.

    Offshore banking – Money and assets – going oceanic – half of t…

    [Read more]

  • Business Tycoons like Roman Abramovich show the way – they run global business empires from a yacht as headquater making their operations country independent

    Abramovich independent? Did Khodorkovsky teach you nothing?

    Going oceanic like Captain Nemo

    You ignore real life cases and speak about science fiction.

    Doing Business worldwide, s…

    [Read more]


    It still looks to me that you are retaining representative democracy “tools” as means of governance, while I am more inclined to start from the beginning on referendum based only…

    Well, yeah, I combine different elements. There are two reasons for this, first reason is that the sovereignty on the seastead belongs to the found…[Read more]


    In general I agree with what you are saying. But if we have a referendum (direct democracy) system why would we need a “Senate”.

    Senate is needed for country management because the founders are a limited number of persons.
    For example, the founders democratically decide who is the head of national militia. Then the elected per…[Read more]

  • KatOnTri

    When i was born, Hawaii and Alaska were also occupied by the usa, neither was a state.

    Maybe I wasn’t clear, I was never implying the Philippines were the only thing US had occupied then, I just gave a couple of examples for every state I mentioned.

    You guys are discussing a government for a country when i bet half of you don’t o…

    [Read more]

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