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  • Bigelow Aerospace is testing inflatable space hotels, in a lower orbit than ISS. But the cost to go through these stations would be, putting sarcasm aside, skyrocketing.

  • Snowmeow replied to the topic Casino Stead in the forum Business 2 years ago

    In many countries where gambling is forbidden by law, offshore casinos and bingoes do a lot of profit. In Brazil, for example (Where I do live), a cruiseship with other country’s flag yields a lot of profit with […]

  • Snowmeow replied to the topic A South Korean approach in the forum Engineering 2 years ago

    It looks like some anime spaceship, I think I’ve seen something similar in Cowboy Bebop…
    Fact, it would be a great lifeboat. But it’s too small to a seastead project.

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