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The Seasteading Institute is requesting preliminary proposals to charter a seaworthy, 235 foot, four deck ship recently donated to the institute.  As a non-profit, we are able to offer this vessel at substantially below market rates to a company or non-profit whose use will advance our mission of establishing permanent human habitation on the oceans.  We’re offering a “bareboat” charter, in which the charterer takes on all costs associated with the ship, such as crew, insurance, registration etc.


Applications will be evaluated for both mission-compatibility and finance/logistics. We’re most interested in new ocean-based businesses that could support an ocean city and experimental technologies that aid long-term ocean habitation, such as:


While our ideal charterer is a single innovative business whose use substantially advances our mission, we are also open to:

  • Chartering the vessel to a more traditional industry whose use supports our mission, such as operating it as a flotel, which would enable more people to live on the ocean.
  • Chartering to an entrepreneur who makes the ship a seastead business & research incubator for many small businesses.


So you can apply to charter the full vessel for a single use, to operate it as an incubator, or to sub-lease a portion of the incubator.  Please also feel free to pass this page along to people, companies, groups, and communities who might be interested in applying, as well as contacting us with ideas for potential charterers.


Key Facts

  • As it is a bareboat charter, the charterer will take on all costs related to ship operations, including but not limited to insurance, certification, flagging, registration, crew, fuel, etc.
  • The ship was appraised at $10M, and would charter bareboat on the open market for approximately $4,000/day (in addition to the operational costs mentioned above).  Our charges may range anywhere from that down to $0, depending on the suitability of the charterer and the range offers we receive.
  • It is currently docked in Fort Pierce, Florida.
  • The Institute will not be operating the vessel, and we are not seeking proposals for businesses that we should create.
  • The Institute will be applying for grants to install technologies that will aid the sustainability of long term ocean habitation, such as installing solar panels, wind turbines, and energy storage devices.
  • The charterer will pay for any remodeling or additional infrastructure to support their business.


Fact sheet for the vessel, including full deck plans.

Preliminary Charter Application


Please be aware that this is our proposal beta-test and your application is non-binding.  We understand that applicants may need more information from us to make a decision, and we expect to work collaboratively with early applicants to determine retrofit and relocation costs. For more information, email ship@seasteading.org.