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Why walk?

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    Another topic raised an interesting question in my mind.

    Humans have evolved as land animals, but there are distinct benefits to immersion in water. Civilization tends to sprout up around water not only for sustinence reasons, but for commercial reasons as well. It’s far more economic to ship goods over water than over land. Similarly, I find it more effortless and enjoyable to travel long distances snorkeling than by walking.

    It’s noteworthy the villains in “waterworld” rode around on Jet skis instead of go-carts, so I have to wonder how much imaginary time and money is being wasted on building floor space?

    If you have a sufficiently bad ass breakwater, and a warm place to sleep where you can breathe(not necessarily dry) humans could easily move in the direction of amphibian. Why walk when you can canoe?

    People generally walk inside of their house, but most people with cars spend more time behind a steering wheel than they do on foot as is.

    Maybe “Wall-E” had the right idea.

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    Check out this CNN article on the Jet-lev… water powered flight brought to us by the crazy shenanigans of a Canadian inventor.


    Live Well!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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