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Why not a Seasteading micronation near Amazon's mouth (Brazil)?

Home Forums Community Dreaming / Crazy Ideas / Speculation Why not a Seasteading micronation near Amazon's mouth (Brazil)?

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    Hi, Seasteading Community, how do you do?

    Recently, I start following your great work (I wrote about that on my blog: http://goo.gl/jASlc). Your idea is great and promising. And here my view of some possible consequences of it: at first, seasteading micronations could result in a series of institutional, biological and radical ideas experiments, accounting for the XXI century what Netherlands represented to world in the XVII century.

    All this technology and knowledge obtained with Seasteading will be crucial to the ongoing space exploration. I think that, in some aspects, the work of Seasteading could be considered more important than the International Space Station for space exploration.

    I also think of seasteading micronations as a place for a great technological and social advance. A place, maybe, where scientists and inovators could receive more resources than other societies which support large, expensive and inefficient legal, medical and political systems. A society where computers could replace or simplify several of these activities (which today is not possible due to the strength of interest of professional classes), allowing to these societies reinvest more and more resources in frontiers of science and technology (as Peter Thiel has tried to do with his investments). How would be a society where the smartest people would have a lot of incentive (including economic) to pursue careers on science and technology rather than on business or business services (as law or medicine)?

    I heard a lecture on youtube where Patri Friedman think of exploring the medical tourism for cheaper surgery. That will be great, given the high costs in the U.S. And I would suggest something else, that you have probably thought, a unique medical service in the world: preimplantation diagnosis (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preimplantation_genetic_diagnosis) to select embryos not only with absence of disease or futile traits (as color eyes or gender selection), but mainly intelligence expression – see A Thousand Chinese Einsteins Every Year http://goo.gl/xSjvn for an argumentation). A seasteading micronation would be, for some time, the only place in the world to do this (and would push other countries after a while, follow the path). How this could positively impact our civilization frontiers? How could these boost the unique well known AGI that we known (our own)? What a constantly self-improving intelligent micro-nation, biologically, technologically and institutionally enhanced, could be able to do?

    But the purpose of this message is to present some possible advantages of establishing a seastead island near Brazilian coast, more specifically, near the mouth of the Amazon River. Some of the more obvious reasons are enrolled down. Right now I’m really busy at work and for that reason, I could not write anything profound, just gather some well known facts and insights.

    Success in this long journey,

    Cesar Cassini

    Tto see my argumantion:

    Why not a Seasteading micronation near Amazon’s mouth (Brazil)? (short link: http://goo.gl/rXVJg)

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    Anything within the 200 nautic miles from the Brazilian Coast is considered Brazilian Property. Build/settle a Seastead near Amazon’s mouth? Yeah, it’s possible. Start a micronation in this very place? No way, dude. You needed be off the limits of Brazilian EEZ to start a sovereign nation without consequences.

    Trust me, I’m Brazilian.


    “A Dream you dream Alone, is a Dream you dream Alone; But a Dream you dream Together becomes Reality.” Raul Seixas

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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