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WHY- another yacht seastead for the super rich

Home Forums Community General Chat WHY- another yacht seastead for the super rich

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    It has a “beach” area on the stern. The website’s a bit of a pain to navigate but the concept is interesting.


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    I’m not normally into yachts, partlt because I’m poor, but that is pimp shit!

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    And it’s a powerboat, but damn it looks good. Video hung up during the specs, I got the cruising speed, faster than our sailboat at least. Not estimated cost, though.


    Taking our cue from the Eskimos, we boat people have over 30 words for “leak.”

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    Definitely a show-boat. Wierd, but cool. I could get into making something like that. Big enough for our family and an occaisional guest… Have to add some floating pier pieces to tie-up small craft. I’d like to see the wave-tank tests! I know that what I have in mind will take a 90′ swell and 30’+ waves…

    I notice it has VERY limited guest space, after you put that crew in quarters and add the “owners” family. Not going to be in the black very fast…

    Too sterile. One plant, a tree. Nowhere to put anything else, either. “Eco-friendly” is a joke. I’d bet it has 25 trees in the flooring and furnishings alone. It took a forest, for all the plywood in that form. Add all that glass and (I assume) a fiberglass hull… What’s the power plant? Where’s the sail that they talk about?

    I DO like he Oriental influence on the interior and the quasi Mediteranean exterior. And a LIBRARY? Every book has to be in a closed/closable rack… I’d rather build it into a hill-side…

    Price tag? An estimated $90,000,000

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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