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Welcome to the forum for craaaazy ideas

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    Created in response to thebastidge’s post, in which he wrote:

    There are probably a lot of us (myself included) here who like to geek out to techno-libertarian fantasies. But this site from what I can see, is meant more for immediately practical, near-term technology to make anew lifestyle on the sea. The means off the shelf or easily fabricated with existing tools, and as low tech as is practical. As such, when I see someone proposing something that takes away from the discussion, I will simply point them to this:

    · Possible, Effective, Elegant, Efficient, Economical.

    There may be some point in adding another forum division for “Dreaming/Skiffy Ideas.” It would be amusing at least, and it gives the moderators a place to move discussions such as this one, or ones where a small band of intrepid Seasteaders stand off the Imperial Storm Troopers with hand blasters and Nikolai Tesla’s long-lost secret death ray. That way not everyone looks crazy, lol.


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    • Ok, I´ll get the ball rolling:
    • Clone army.
    • Horrible (or just advanced?) genetic experimentation.
    • Space elevator.
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    What about transhuman clones? Instead of just cloning them we can improve their physiology making them 4-5x stronger and faster than your average human. And lets not forget smarter, between the genemod and nootropics, you’d have one kick ass army of clones.

    Its a moot point, though. I mean what use is a clone army without cold-fusion?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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