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untitled indie seasteading video game

Home Forums Community General Chat untitled indie seasteading video game

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    Its going to be a flash game so i think the best way to attract new people to the idea is to keep it simple. Just think of it as a presentation to those that know nothing about seasteading.
    Here is what i imagine the game to be. A small platform that can be upgraded (gamers love upgrades :) ) and a simple trade mechanism to make money. Also a defense system to defend against pirates and giant killer squids.

    The game would end when the player upgrades the platform to a certain point. at that point a utopia flash presentation could be used.

    This would be a great way to get more people interested in seasteading.

    Best of luck guys

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    Don’t forget a deep and complex Achievements system! I played Amorphous+ for about a month, not because it’s a good game, but because the Achievements system was well thought out.

    Not too hard or too easy. Getting achievements regularly, but not too regularly. Feeling as though you really deserved the ones you got. Occasionally getting one for something rediculous and surprising.

    Gotta take all that into account.

    – Nick

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    I’m interested if it’s a “civilization” like strategy game.

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    Let me know if you need me to do the intro narration.

    “Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?”

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    I love indie games. I don’t have the programming know-how but I’m a meta-gamer and quickly figure out the equations of the game to provide the best outcomes. What I’ve found is that many games have great graphics and physics engines connected to terrible meta-game ideas and poor storyline.

    Storyline thoughts:

    Why not do a post-apocalyptic storyline. The world ends, the PC jumps into a boat to escape the devestation, nearly starves once out to sea until (s)he comes upon a seastead by chance. I think having Patri greet the PC and tell him that we figured the old powers would eventually assure their mutual destruction would be AWESOME! The PC then has the opportunity to join the free society and tries to ‘make it’ as a seasteader.

    Puzzle games could represent the PC’s efforts to work, gain skills, etc. (S)he would also be looking after the upkeep of his boat, otherwise it will sink and the PC will be set back by having to live aboard another seasteader’s vessel. The goal of the game would be to thrive within a seasteading environment within a limited time period. Perhaps the seastead would break apart and move on from that location, leaving the PC adrift once again or towing him along for a steep fee, which would set the PC to work once more to fix up his vessel in time.

    If you’d like some help developing the underlaying mechanics of the game, let me know. I do this stuff for fun and would be glad to work for free on this as long as the project was going to happen. If it’s not something that you are serious about cranking out, please be upfront about it so we don’t waste our time.

    Live Well!


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    If this game were ever made (even if it were only flash), I would recommend something similar to Myst 4.

    Not in story, but in style. The game deals mostly with story and puzzles, but Myst 4 stood out from previous titles because of the beautiful environments. Eye candy makes up for a lot, especially in games where you’re required to think and solve problems rather than shoot things.

    If anyone who reads this is into thinking/puzzle games, I would highly recommend it (once you play it, you’ll see what I’m talking about).

    In a game though, try to keep politics to a minimum and/or focus more on the engineering/science behind seasteads and seasteading lifestyle. Games should be fun, not re-educational 😛

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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