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TSI Marine testing Software

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    If i had the money to buy the Licence to this engine I WOULD. Since i cant I think TSI SHOULD, this could help our community to NO END!

    This this is Splash Liquid Dragon’s proprietary physics & Fluid dynamics engine, Its REAL GOOD at simulating water.

    Its features include

    • Fluid physics. Splash hosts the only real-time fluid dynamics simulation engine in the industry (they aint joking i LOOKED ALOT)
    • Rigid Body physics. Splash integrates both the Bullet and Havok physics library and comes with a complete suite of tools to set up and edit physics scenes (Bullet & Havok are a bunch of REAL WORLD physics models such as Archimedes’ principles of buoyancy)


    Now Splash is the Most realistic from a physics & engineering point of view (& its cute..can we get it becuase its cute pleeeeease)

    But this simulation (more dated looking, & its not got a good Physics engine, compared to Splash) is more of a realistic training tool than a simulation of seasteads & physics.

    not cute, but would be good training app marinesimulation.com

    what dose TSI think? (dose TSI have a an acutal admin to talk to?)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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