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    Had an idea for a seastead that has three “wings” that would point toward the waves while holding up a triangle shaped platform.

    Just a thought.

    Here’s a crappy quick diagram I put together with google sketch with the basic concept.

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    Hmmm… It seems good, it would seem to a floating jack-up, and modularity would be guaranteed by this triangular form.

    But I have some reservations how about these elyptical “winged” columns. If a rough wave hit the columns in the wider side, it wouldn’t tilt the seastead and sink it? I preferred to use cylindrical columns, that receive waves from any side with the same endurance.


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    Have to put this here, dont have new thread rights

    Galvanic response

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    Ken Sims
    Morganism wrote:
    Have to put this here, dont have new thread rights

    As a logged in user, you can start a new thread in any forum except those in Archive category. This thread happens to be in the Structure Designs forum, which is in the Archive category. These forums were obsoleted, which is why new threads are not allowed.

    You need to start your thread in one of the forums in either the Community category or the Research category.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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