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this ideas for flotilla?

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    im not good in enghlis but did look around the internet and found this (looks like aproblem abut seasteading things are that the projects get too old before they start like freedomship and end up mayeb use old tech

    maybe this are somthing intresting ? look like the project are bankupt? or sued maybe any seatsing foks that did sig up this thing nealry 10 years ago ?http://web.archive.org/web/20040113024340/http://www.nu-flotilla.com/ at least looks cool desgin :)or take ideas from the skyscrapers website that looks like brainstorming when they not talk abut sueing difrent house projects in UAE (but maybe this flotilla project had strange mix of civil and mony libertarians ?) hopfully seatsing will not end up sued by its citiznes like the nevada shooting range gated comunity and this floitlla place maybe did maybe sombody need to setup what type of citizens they want ? (not end up get both black helicopter and chrisntan liberatians and civil liberatian and transhumansint liberatrains )and a good bussnis paln r&d park for wawe and wind engery ?casino off course and fishing or look in to what sealand project in uk did have

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    Anyone can put up a webpage with a project idea and ask for money.

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    yes but this was as big hype project as the seasted thing are now 10 years ago allso in europe and the gulf state must bee som fokes that moved on to and new project the last 10 years? i
    f you can get in contact them?

    so maybe they have some good ppl or ideas? since they did post this and it looked like this hq thing clsoed dowen (ther adres did close dowen 3 times ) or split (look up new utopia principalety and http://www.new-utopia.com have some projects somwhere else ? they did write this on there website long time ago : they did have 2 companys that did control the website and a ofiice connected to the thing in caymen island

    Anyone with expertise in the areas of law, banking, insurance (including re-insurance), architecture, engineering (all disciplines), sciences, medicine, marine biology, law enforcement, customs and immigration, and who would like to be a part of this grand undertaking are invited to E-mail info@new-utopia.com or write to:”

    http://web.archive.org/web/19991104120951/http://www.new-utopia.org/principles.html refferance

    flotilla webpage had links to it in both sens of the word to new utopia project but been fraud/bankrupted some years ago ? they owen was nankrupt in the page of fort meyer distirict court
    maybe a organzation that would be intresting for this project becuse look like the new website dont have and pasport /bussnis tax hevan ideas and papers for company/airplane/ship/trust database info and other things that could be a reasson for sued for fraud

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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