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Is there a void in the TSI vision?

Home Forums Community General Chat Is there a void in the TSI vision?

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    im starting to feel a little bit of a split with the current seasteading vision. around the world we are seeing what looks like a possible revolution of democracy. most acutely in the Arab world but also in other places, people are suddenly waking up to the idea of governing themselves. much of this has to do with the changing economic tide which has brought millions out of extreme poverty over the last decade. in addition to the Arab world we are starting to see the spirit of revolt sprout up in China and other Oriental countries as well as other African nations. to me seasteading will always be a very important step for the growth of the human race, but i am much more concerned with the liberation of our existing populations. seasteading is a major catalyst, but hulltimately, the people need a revolution right now. not in 15 years from now. right now. i want to see the liberation of humanity. freedom from repression. not a small percentage that seeds themselves on the ocean and rapidly outgrows everyone else, leaving them behind.

    what should be TSI’s approach and relationship to the spirit of “on-land” revolution? Is there a symbiotic relationship between the on-land revolution and the TSI vision of competitive governance?

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    Yeah, there are definitely problems with TSI’s approach… Design contest was a farce. They want something like an officebuilding with some green, feel-good features and rent office space, as opposed to a business that actually could work, along with the requirement to have a business plan… Uhm, Hello?! Not everyone in the world has a degree in business and finance, not everyone wants to live and work in a floating high-rise office… Some of us have much better ideas than that! The prize money? Total crck. Not even the big winner got enough to be a down-payment on a seastead…, nor even a contract to entitle him/her to live on it, when/if built by TSI…



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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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