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The original SeaSteader?

Home Forums Community Active Seasteading Projects The original SeaSteader?

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    new guy

    Noah? He built his by hands and was able to carry much more than 2 of each animal (the scripture talks about much more used for food and sacrifices)

    He was able to repopulate the earth that way (if you believe the story as many do)

    Even if you don’t the recreations are always amazing when done with the same tools by hand

    Example: http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/43492787/ns/today-today_news/t/meet-man-whos-re-creating-noahs-ark/

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    I could see it as, he was able to get all of the local wildlife into his boat as opposed to “all animals in the world”. And the area he lived in was hit by a big flood. Perhaps a plate shift occurred or a massive weather occurrence.

    He was the original Doomsday prepper.

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    It’s funny how people who prepare for catastrophe are seen as lunatics…..until a depression hits….or a war….and then everyone comes running begging for food.
    Preparing for catastrophe is like wearing a seatbelt. You do it with the expectation that you’ll never need it. But it’s often worthwhile caution.

    Imagine people saying “you idiot…..why the hell are you wearing a seatbelt….do you know what the odds are that you’ll crash? next to nill”

    The most likely catastrophe IMO is a major depression/recession and skyrocketing food and fuel prices. So if you can’t afford to buy the expensive food it’s a good idea to have a big store of rice, beans, flour, salt, etc., etc.
    Most of those will last almost forever is stored right, and are pretty dirt cheap at the moment, in times of relative plenty.

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    Oh….and every major civilisation throughout history has collapsed:
    mayans, incas, romans, sumarians, ancient egyptians, and the list goes on and on and on

    We’re living a life of high dependence and expectation on things beyond our control (such as cheap supplies of fuel and food) so it’s silly to think that we’re immune from another collapse in the future.

    Those preparing for the worst IMO are as wise as people who choose to wear a seatbelt.

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    Imagine getting out of the car and someone laughs and says “haha I told you so…..I told you that you didn’t need to wear the seatbelt….you fool”.
    I wouldn’t be thinking “damn I wish I crashed, so I was right”.
    I’d be thinking “yeah I’m glad I didn’t need it…..but I’m still glad I wore it”.

    So if those people preparing for the worst never see the worst….they can still feel happy about preparing for it…and no-one can responsibly criticize them for preparing.

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    new guy

    wow. you feel strong on this one CP. I take it you have a storm shelter full of supplies in case you need it? I know FEMA recommends it.

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    i8 never undertsand why not this foks just have a 2-3 pasports that are the same price as all those ready for the war thing cost anyway.. and preminent resident thing if you are self suficent in far away mounitens would not be that hard to setup a self empolyed company if you are not totaly paranoid in belize brunei and peru that have pr programs..it should not be that hard to learn some other culture and way they speak buy some guidbooks and be ready to leav one a aroound the world ticket or a boat (..)or just walk across a border

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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