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steasteading pioneer starter kit – TSI to supply it – to optimize it

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    Hi everyone. I’ve been absent from these discussions for a while, but have been checking in regularly to see how things are progressing. Decided to join in as Elmer’s idea of a floating marina/lagoon is something I have been considering for a while. Just wanted to run it by everyone to see if there is any interest and get any constructive feedback.

    First, however, I would like to address something that I disagree with and I think is sidetracking the whole seasteading effort. I’ve seen repeated analogies comparing seasteading to the early pioneers. This, I think, is a mistaken idea. A better and more useful idea would be to compare seasteading to either a company town established to extract resources from a remote location or entrepreneurs setting up shop in established communities. Particular examples I have in mind are the camp women who went to the mining camps to open up brothels. And the saloon keepers and general store merchants.

    How this relates to my idea is this – there are already established communities on the open ocean. These are company “towns” established by oil companies, in other words, deep sea oil rigs. For the most part, these “towns” are predominately male. To attract the labor they need, oil companies pay very good salaries to these workers. All of them would be considered solidly in the middle class even the lowest worker. Because of their location and the nature of the work they do, there are few entertainment outlets for them to enjoy. This is a very desirable market if one can exploit it. You would have basically a captive market of high income individuals and little to any competition.

    So my idea is this, build a floating marina capable of existing on the open ocean. My particular design would have a central building on a pneumatic floating platform with docks extending from it. Also, to kill two birds with one stone, build single family seasteads that are docked at the marina and serve both as staff housing and escape pods if something should happen to the larger structure. Services offered by the marina are a casino/restaurant, boutique shops, a spa and brothel/gentleman’s club. Ideal location for these would be the Gulf of Mexico.

    To build these, form an equity real estate investment trust. Aside from individual investors, casino operators and legal brothels would be potential equity partners.

    So, this is just the briefest outline of my idea. Tell me what you think.

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    I am liking Taoist_Sage‘s idea alot. I am also very happy with his location idea, the gulf of mexico provides a very calm ocean for us to live on, not to mention I think any legal issues that would come up would much easier to solve with the Mexican government vs. lets say the U.S. From my point of view the design idea seems good and sound, though ellmer’s idea sounds good as well. We just have too make sure its affordable to those in the middle class.

    However, I still do like the seasteading institutes idea of a condo like place on a solid platform. I think that this idea while it is a good start, sort of sounds shabby in the sense that it just a bunch of docks attached together, while the single platform sounds much more like a big city in the middle of the ocean…does anyone else think like this?


    P.S. Sorry for the bold at the top, its having some sort of error.

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    well, why not use one of my “bergs“? set it near a few rigs and offer a free little ferry ride to come hang out? you could offer lots of stuff that the rigs dont provide, and a place to catch a nap after tying one on.


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Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)

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