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States willing to sell us sovereignty

Home Forums Research Law and Politics States willing to sell us sovereignty

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    It would appear we can avoid many of the issues that ‘international law’ imposes upon us if we’re registered to a state. So, perhaps we should begin compiling a list of states that would register us and not interfere?

    After that, maybe we could push for independence :) If we can get an established country to recognise us, then we’re probably quite close to running our own affairs with no interference.

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    Israel boarded a ship they suspected of having weapons last night. It was not within their territorial waters. Just goes to show some of the dangers of seasteading. Invasion by an existing state.



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    is “exempt” from respecting any international law, if you haven’t noticed by now.

    PS. Terraformer, since it seems that you have an expert undrstanding of the sovereignty issue, could you pls elaborate and continue to enlighten us on how “buying” sovereignty would be such a “push” for independence?

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    OCEANOPOLIS: Israel is evil, and that’s a good reason not to attack it. In general, it might help if the seasteaders will try to avoid any war zones, and abstain from siding with any belligerent party, neither good nor evil.

    I guess, what Terraformer meant was the following: the seastead might start under, let’s say, Nauru flag, and then Nauru will grant independance to the seastead in exchange for money. In this case it might be easier to get recognition, because that’s how many new nations have already started.

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    Wow. How did my old post get put on this thread? Thats different. Anyway, I am surprised Oceanopolis neglected to point this out, but The Seasteading Institute is all over this concept already. It is known as a “flag of convenience” and is used heavily in the shipping and cruise industries. Read up on the Institutes’ website for research papers regarding the application of FOC’s for seasteading.

    Also, terraforming is the absolute worst solution to colonizing the Solar System. When our great-great-grandchildren live in space, they will regard planetary life as taboo, in favor of more efficient orbital space habitats. Terraforming wastes ALL of the material on the inside of a planetary body, while a space habitat wastes none. Some may say that a space habitat costs too much money and terraforming would be “easier”, but the best science tells us that it would take 100 years to terraform a planet like Mars. Once complete, the whole planet would support a tiny fraction of the inhabitants that the material could if used for building orbital habitats. Picture a straight line from the US to Australia. Think about that whole volume of earthen material that just sits there unused. My great grandkids will prosecute your great grandkids for perjury and hegemony if they attempt to terraform anything. It’s an atrocity.


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    Don’t bother about the less civilised or repressive or imperialist states. Try off the coast of socialist South American states (who know the hypocrisy of ‘the West’).

    Or lobby human rights aware nations (like Germany which swore off Naziism? Or former colonial victim India which has issues with corruption but generally liveable to those not ethnic Indian and thus subject to caste classifications to a degree.

    Even Africa which suffered much apartheid and colonialism as well, who knows even South of Cuba if Fidel is but a misunderstood socialist – think Bay of Pigs – got carried away with power to a degree . . .

    The rest of the nations with any degree of junta or nepotism or microstatism or apartheid or militarisation or theocracy in their makeup can be struck off at once.

    For a right to build and at least trade (probably seafood than anything else) though not be affected by laws and probably rights to recognition as a citizen of “The Sea” (I envision the freedom of ALL peoples who left Landsteads to encompass anyone living outside territorial waters, though the rights to travel to nations will determine which ones are open to allowing building on their continental shelfs), in perhaps a precursor to ENDING the concept of state and nationality (end Fiat and Fractionated banking and monetization fo debt) and the insult of passports, Visas and IDs and PAYING for these same things.

    Try a cr@p bank that charges against savings accounts of the poor for not having enough cash until the accounts close down – that on top of whatever money they had! Did you know that maintaining a website is CHEAPER than keeping a bank account open?!? F*** all banks and bankers. I’ll barter or grow, and build my own thank you. The last thing needed is Allodial status after Eminent Domain is ended.

    For an open travel open migration system that would leave the WORST and most abusive states bereft of citizens. Influxes to better states however would greatly expand borders, though population controls could be a necessity by then as well.

    What about you choices fellow SSers? Identify any places?


    @Terraformer said :
    ” After that, maybe we could push for independence :) If we can get an established country to recognise us ”

    I think setting up a landmass outside of territory and having a population of 50 immediately qualifies as Statehood by international law for UN at least. No need to push for independence or hope for patronage of existing states (it would be automatically a Nation though tiny as hell and able to grow), which frankly are in severe need of update of oppressive constitutions and repressive laws.

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    gluckq wrote:

    Israel is evil,

    Do research and you’ll find things aren’t as clear as CNN likes to make them out to be. Isreal is certainly does not have a 100% clean record but you have to do the research as to why they do things the way they do them. I mean they are the most hated country in the middle east… within the middle east at least. The US or any country would be hard pressed to handle the situation Isreal is in any better than Isreal has. They’re surrounded by enimies and their only allies are to far away to proived any real help. Just saying.

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