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Starting Seasteading on Small Scale

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    So why isn’t http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5aC88mq0Iak all the buzz in seasteading businesses? Doesn’t that have everything TSI and BlueSeed plan on doing?

    Is it too large or too small, Ellmer? Ocean, it’s in Clearwater, Fla, according to it’s stern markings.


    I am good at building my own 3D Printer, (RepRap Prusa). The best is to build it on our own. So to cutt of to much need to any country. Conzentrate the KnowHow to build it. Ive heard about an guy who is trying to Print his house in Holland.

    Just my opinion. I am new here.


    paradise island
    Kat i wrote up a bunch of reasons that might explain why floating paradise is not so much buzz after all in short “mega luxury yacht maintenance cost – offering workbarge ambient”… disfuncional business model…
    At least this would be my guess if the “not so much buzz” you postulate is certain – anybody with a deeper insight on that?

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    Ocean, regarding the hotdog pontoon boat vendors, the bars, the small salvage operators, etc, in Fla, what are the legal rules regarding what one can attach the pontoon boat? I am going by the theory that if i can prove a barge floats, and it’s a general purpose barge, so if i engage in building whatever i want on it, in a way it won’t blow apart in a storm or become an instant liability somehow, i can do whatever i want to it. For an inland, or between-island, houseboat, can someone build this on a suitable pontoon boat and be legal in the Keys? : http://www.concesionesparquesnaturales.com/images/stories/img_ecoturismo/slides/colombia/cholon/cholon-1.jpg Is it still a pontoon boat, or is it now a houseboat?

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    Ellmer, you maybe make a mistake on your http://concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t52007880/corrosion-marine-ambient-steel-plating/ when you say the Quartz concrete ships are from WW1, most were built for WW2 in Atlantic and Pacific, served as towed cargo barges mostly, because most had no propulsion because of machinery vibration and weight. They were not economical compared to steel ships after the war, and the usa military sold, sank, or gave them away. Military ship-herders said if you push them like a steel ship they would crack. The picture you give is either the breakwater in Powell River in British Columbia, Canada, or the breakwater off Kiptopeke Beach, Virginia. There is a sunk concrete ship off Sunset Beach, New Jersey, one in Galveston Bay, and one somewhere near shore in California. There was one pushed ashore on rocks in Nakagusuku Bay, Okinawa in 1945 (when it was called Buckner Bay by the usa). Some others were sunk as jetties at pacific islands, and then filled with sand or dredged coral, there’s at least one in the Marshal Islands (which i have seen). Of the 100’s built, very little remains, and no one is using them today. Some did not survive well, even after being grounded above water : http://www.ww2pacific.com/gif/conciwo2.jpg There is some disagreement about which ships you see are floating or sunk, only agreement i see is the Peralta, a 6knot steamer with 1300hp engine from WW1, is still floating in Powell River, but i would not bet on it.


    Kat SS Peralta is a WW1 ship 1921 – and still afloat..

    You are right concrete ships are not a good option as ships need to fit in a worldwide ocean transport structure made up by port installations, dry dock facilities, marine classification societies, marine engineers, marine repair experts, insurance experts which ALL are “geared to and specialized in marine steel building” – not fitting into that sistem is EXPENSIVE this was why those hulls where abandoned in a breakwater after WW2 in the first place.
    There is no “discussion ongoing” if concrete is the most durable building material for marine structures. To get the full picture you need to look at the “lifespan of the material without secondary protection (paint-anodes)”.
    Marine Steel lifespan unprotected is 2 years (at most) concrete 2000 years (panteon rome) – so the discussion is more if concrete exceeds steel in lifespan a factor 100 or a factor 1000… the general opinion after checking the deterioration on concrete marine structures out at sea for 30 years is that a 200 year lifespan can be counted on – and that is what makes “real estate at sea in the sense of ocean colonization” a feasible option. http://concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/f541915/outstanding-floating-concrete-structures-news/

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    It seems that down here in FL you need a permit (or A occupational license) from the County, Health Dept inspection and OK and the CG to OK that your structure is sound and seaworthy. Pontoon or houseboat don’t matter. You can set it up on “anything” that float as long as the above culprits will be OK with it. And you’ll have to register with the state as some sort of vessel anyway, so they’ll give you a lousy 3″ x 3″ sticker (9 cents real value) that will says FL 1234, and charge you $40 some/year (or whatever they charge now for boat registration), so you can and stick it on your boat’s bow on the starboard side….and be “legal”.


    That 385′ barge is the same one we were talking about few years ago. At the time they were asking $30 Mil, if I remember right,…I think the refit on that one was done professionally and in good taste for a planned upscale sport fishing business, but something went wrong… Plus, it doesn’t have no engines (big MINUS in the Gulf,…2 words: “hurricane season”) But from what I remember it has 3 huge generators, so it can be fitted with electric thrusters. For the money it’s a lot of boat…


    ….Room rate packages aboard the floater range from $150 per person per night….
    a steel ship this size reqires around 80.000 USD per day to function – this means they need “533 paying anglers every single day” just to function – i don’t see how this business model can work out … ocean, did you get some insight, i remember when we had that project in the mirror a couple of years ago you said you would look into it…


    Dear all,

    please look at this Video.

    Kunas Ramazan

Viewing 10 posts - 91 through 100 (of 100 total)

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