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Stadion Seastead, plate seastead, deeploaded seastead

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    caveden wrote:

    But isn’t the whole idea to be far away from the coast so we could have political independence?

    And with no platform above the submarine, how do you leave it without having to move your entire house to a port? By having a platform, you could attach inflatable boats to it, eventually even small submarines that would be like your car. :) It’s an open space that could suit many needs.

    But anyway, according to what you’re saying, that shouldn’t make the submarine too much more expensive, right? Say, 10% more? 20%? If it’s around that I’d say it might be worthy…

    Well, I don’t think a house needs a lot of mobility, so I wouldn’t mind sacrifying it a bit if it would make it nicer. To go back to land, I suppose there would be sort of bus-boats or something, and I suppose it would be cheaper to use them than to move your entire house.

    Would the platform make mobility too much more expensive?

    Independence is more related to mobility than to distance from shore. A yacht gives you all the independence you need. The drawback of a yacht is the comfort drop as soon as you go outside protected harbors. So a yacht is a poor tool for staying on open ocean for long periods of time. A bubble habitat is much better. The solution for going on shore is the same as in yachting – a dinghy stored in the superstructure.

    There is no problem in putting platforms as superstructure – you will find that you will not use it. If weather is good you are on the beach – if weather is bad you are inside – check cruiseships – they have not much open platforms at all for a good reasons. It is the same in a small city apartment – most people prefer “additional apartment space” instead of “open balcony” squaremeters.

    Basicly the design of the living space bubble depends a bit on its use and can be different if is used in a stationary bungalow ambient in bora bora as yacht habitat, as bubble hotel, as submarine bar …




    For new developments and pictures and videos on the topic of plate seasteads please check (http://concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/) – the plate seastead section is at: (http://concretesubmarine.activeboard.com/t43963853/plate-seastead-plate-floating-element-for-ocean-colonization/)

Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)

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