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Space Habitation

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This topic contains 108 replies, has 19 voices, and was last updated by Profile photo of Ken Sims Ken Sims 4 years, 3 months ago.

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    Dervogel707 wrote:

    emmettvem…someone changed their mind. I’m glad, and if you want to get more into this conspricay I got some amazing videos.

    You missunderstand me. Out of respect for Ken’s proclaimation that there shall be no more name-calling in this thread I will not say what I think of what you have posted here, but your view – to include the absurd videos to which you have linked – is as far removed from mine as is nearly possible, and I have no respect at all for what you have said here. In fact, your posts are part of what I was referencing earlier when I mentioned having additions to my list of people whom I feel I can ignore without losing much. I only responded to your most recent post because you seem to not have gotten that I was talking to both Sickor and YOU.

    I will not be responding to you again.

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    Shouri, you and I have disagreed and argued in the past, but in this we are nearly 100% of the same mind.

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    What ever emmettvm I guess I did misunderstand you although you are very stubborn and closeminded to not at least give it a chance. Truthfully no matter how much we disagree with eachother on certian things I thibk we should still be able to speck to eachother, but whatever have it you way. BTW,I think your list is very long as I dont want to do anything but help as I feel its my job to tell the public the truth you must watch the video. I was like you at first when user Sickor was telling me about it I didn’t believe a word he was saying until I watched the videos.

    Shouri, the aliens are fully aware of our exsistense they also dont want the public to know of them they make deals with the government all the time. Yes, the USAF had hidden the f117 and B-2 and even area 51 where the 2 crafts were made the only reason they told us, the public, is because new satellite images that we could use such as google earth so they had no choice but to admit the fact, if it weren’t for google earth and other programs like it we probably still would not know of these craft and Area 51. Now that google earth has a moon view they may admit to ET life. Your examples of the Iphone though did not make much sense because why would they want to hide theyre money making products. I personally am intrested in ET life because I am 100% sure they are real and I dont like so much that the governmant hides this fact from us.

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    Ken Sims


    Shouri wrote:
    someone please lock this thread

    I had already decided earlier today to do that this evening.

    For those who don’t know, my primary function is dealing with spam, however of necessity I end up doing user moderation, but I really hate it.

    This perfectly legitimate thread about Space Habitation (or spacesteading if you will) has become irredeemably contaminated. (And yes, I contributed to the contamination.) So I’m taking the following official actions:

    First, after I post this I’m locking the thread.

    Second, spacesteading is a legitimate topic for discussion. There are a lot of common issues between seasteading and spacesteading. And many people (including me) see seasteading as a step on the way to spacesteading.

    So a new thread on spacesteading can be started, BUT until there is such undeniable proof of aliens within this solar system that major newspapers are running it as their headline, there will NOT be any claims of the presence of aliens (or ETs or star beings or any other such term) within this solar system nor any objections to solar system spacesteading on the basis of any such beings.

    Third, as for the discussion of the possibility of intelligent lifeforms elsewhere, that discussion here is over. There is too much hostility resulting, so if anyone wants to continue that discussion, you will have to take it elsewhere. I’m sure there are forums on other websites where that would be welcome. Or you can start your own discussion group on Google, reddit, or one of those places.

    Posts in violation will be dealt with. (If somebody new makes such a post in innocence, I will take that into account.)

    If anyone objects to any of the above, you are free to appeal to the TSI Staff. But it’s highly unlikely that I will overruled. In fact if there were TSI Staff members moderating (which I really, really wish there were), this thread would have probably been shut down long ago.

    Fourth, speaking in more general terms, I’ll say again what I’ve said before … Everyone needs to at least pretend to be civil.

    I don’t care if you think that all of the other participants in these forums are idiots studying to be morons (to steal a phrase from Heinlein).

    I don’t care if you think I’m an arrogant jerk for the actions I’m taking.

    I do care what gets posted on this website, especially when it is a blatant attack/insult of another individual user.

    So again, let’s all at least pretend to be civil. That’s official.

    Volunteer admin, moderator, and primary spamfighter.

Viewing 4 posts - 106 through 109 (of 109 total)

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