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    just wondering if sortition has been discussed as an alternative to elections. i’d like to hear people’s thoughts about it.


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    and i don’t mean philosophical equals as in “All men are created equal etc.,” i mean literal equals, drawing lots to choose leaders would work. On the other hand, such a society would have no need of leaders since everyone would think globally and act locally together almost in lock step to any situation that presented itself. Like a flock of birds or a school of fish. They would have about as much individually as well… For the sake of argument though, if leaders were chosen by lot rather than apptitude or disposition you could end up with an accident prone clutz for an engineer, or someone who cant spell for a secretary. For the selection of juries or other purposes where a random slection of individuals is necessary to complete a task, sortition could, would and is used. That’s how juries are selected in the Republic.

    < http://ocr.wikia.com/wiki/Oceanic_Citizens_Republic_Wiki>

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    hello wohl,

    i was thinking of sortition in relation to government, not for occupations. but where necessary the pool which is drawn from can be restricted. so, when drawing for a judge, for example, the pool would be qualified lawyers. (although i believe there are instances where getting someone from outside would have benefits)

    for governing, there is the idea of an allotted chamber, made up of a large number of representatives who are randomly selected to serve limited terms. i wanted to know if this has been considered as an alternative to elections. i saw a discussion about direct democracy but that was assuming elected or appointed representatives. there is another thread about range voting which, for selecting representatives is the same old thing, but would be a good idea for the allotted chamber to use.

    so it would not require a society of equals; it just gives everyone an equal chance to govern ourselves.

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    my mind instantly rejects the idea. sorry to be unhelpful; I’ll try to devote a post later to exactly why that is. right now, I just got home and cant be bothered with anything that requires more than a couple paragraphs.

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    emmettvm wrote:
    exactly why that is.

    Because 8.8 MILLION people tuned in to MTV to watch the season 4 premiere of Jersey Shore? Even with all the billions of people on the planet I don’t like my odds of getting one of those 8.8 million people running my seastead thanks to a random drawing.

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    Elections, sortitions…. Whomever can rule, will rule. Might is Right. I go for a doc when i am sick, i don’t expect anything else from a doc. a governor must be in same sense, trained solely to govern, though i wouldn’t want a minster of defense who is a politician, or ministry of industry…everyone should do what they were supposed to do, what they were trained to do. Best economist shold become minister of economy, best strategist should become minister of defense etc. What do we know of politics when we are compared to politicians who are trained to be politicians and who are passionate about their job( I’ll be optimist and assume such people exists) who are we to choose a president, they just show up offer stuff and we decide who to choose, i think it is way too stupid we don’t even know who we choose. Elections are for small societies where you know candidates personally, if seasteading is gonna start small then it’s probably elections for you(even though i said probably actually it is unlikely, since i believe that seasteads will likely be governed by it’s biggest funder. Democratic representation would only work for linked seasteads of familysize and they wouldn’t even need a representative for anything though perhaps except for foreign relations which will mostly be limited to talking to captains of large ships that are passing by)

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    When you talk about sortition, all I can see is the Y2K episode of Family Guy where Peter creates New Quohog. A man trained as a doctor comes to join the town, but he’s still forced to pick his town job out of the hat. He gets “Village Idiot”, even though the town needs a doctor.

    I have a thorium reactor under the hood of my car. I get ∞ miles per gallon.

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