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Someone from Singapore

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    Greetings! I come from a tiny island on the equator that’s highly susceptable to rising sealevels called Singapore.

    I’m a financial consultant, artist and environmentalist who’s yet to be able to afford his own hime :p and so lives with his parents, girlfriend and 2 dogs.
    I’ve been sailing since the age of 10 and completed my 2 years of national service as an artillery gunner/Recce and patrol specialist.

    Not much else to me is there? That aside, I wanted to ask, is there a facebook group? If not.. perhaps we should create one?

    Oh yes, I’ve posted a concept in the “Structure Design” forum under “Artificial Islands?”, I’d really appreciate it if some of you could give it a look.

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    But really, lots of us think of Singapore as a model country. I would be there in a second if 1) it weren’t so damn hot and 2) about the farthest place in the world away from my familial center of gravity (New England).

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    Welcome xnsdvd! I’m particularly glad to see you here since I’m from Singapore too! Maybe we could start a Asia-Pacific Chapter or something.

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    Greetings foreigners and fellow countryman =)

    Nice to know i’m not the only one from Singapore either. Though i’m a little disturbed that anyone would consider us a model. You ARE aware of the mess our political, education and legal systems are right? :p Unless you were referring to our economy and trade relations with our neighbours.

    Anyway, I’ll be posting more structure designs in the engineering section, sincerely hope I can get some feedback. I have to apologise though, I’m not much of an engineer, so expect structurally unsound creations :p


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    As an outsider, it seems the best things about Singapore are the low tax rates, low corruption, relatively free banking, ease of doing business. Much the same could be said of Hong Kong, which has slightly lower tax rates (call it 16% vs 18% or something on that order). The problems with Singapore include an authoritatian politicial system, effectively single party rule, lots of victimless crimes like not flushing a public toilet, chewing gum in public, etc. What are the problems with the legal and educational systems, assuming you’re allowed to say? 😉 To me the main problem with Hong Kong is that it’s nominally under the control of the communists. Though they seem relatively hands-off, that could change at any time. See Tienanmen Square, etc.

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    Lets just say that the constitution isn’t followed to the letter over here. As for Education… lets not get into that. But if anyone else in SEA is interested in meeting up to share designs and run experiments, I’d be very interested =) Posted another design in the engineering section. It’s modular this time and quite unique as far as Seasteads go.


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    Hey xnsdvd,

    I was wondering if I could press you a little bit more about Singapore.

    So as much as I love the idea of steading, I am constrained by my imperative to deal with human aging, and am working in the biomedical sciences to take steps towards new anti-aging therapies. I’m getting my PhD now, and have been looking into places to go to start a lab and a biotech company to work on different therapies.

    The US has a lot of very restrictive laws and rather backwards attitudes on what I see to be the future of medicine, and I had considered the National University of Singapore and a potential place to get a faculty position and start a company. Everything that I’ve heard about Singapore seems really positive, but I haven’t talked with anyone from there yet. If you have any insights for me, I’d love to hear your opinion of the place.



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    To put it all very simply, if you’re white and have money, Singapore is a great place to live. If you’re not, be prepared for mountains of red tape. It’s one of the symptoms of being a former colonian island.

    Almost everyone in their 40s and 60s that’s still holding a senior management position in a government agency is, for reasons beyond me, still absolutely horrified and enamored with “westerners”. So to quote a British friend, “It’s not like I actively make use of my race, but if the opportunity presents itself the Hey!”.

    The government here is desperate for foreign capital and talent, to provide jobs for locally educated tertiary level students and promote tourism. In fact, those are the 3 KPIs that all government agencies/civil servants are told to look out for when approving projects. Keep those in mind when you make your application.

    You could also speak to livefreeortry. He’s another foreign PhD holding biologist working in Singapore’s “Biotech” center.

    King Shannon of the Constitutional Monarchy of Logos.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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