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Solar Powered Submarine, soon to be a reality

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    So I was once a Sonar Technician 3rd Class in the USN. Just running passively (basically just a microphone in the water) it’s easy to pick up noisy commercial shipping at more than 50 miles with decent equipment. In the right conditions I’ve heard of contacts tracked at 200 nm, farther than any radar (curvature of the earth) has a prayer of reaching. With active sonar (pinging) you can’t reach as far because the energy you’re putting out is diminishing by the square root (cube root?) … anyway it’s not linear for distance, and the return signal is doing the same thing coming back. All else equal the guy with his sonar off just listening will hear the other guy at about 150% of his detection range (rule of thumb). However, comma, their equipment is pretty good. Don’t drop a wrench and keep the kids from laughing … except they’ll hear the waves lapping on your hull when you’re surfaced anyway. A first world navy will know exactly where you are if they care at all. Heck, they’d pick you up with their stationary arrays strung across the ocean floor which are even more sensitive (don’t have Own Ship Noise to deal with). They only need the active sonar for the final prosecution of the target, basically.

    So yes, if the people with 11 aircraft carriers are after you, you’re screwed.

    That said, if you hear a pirate ‘mothership’ with it’s loud diesel engines going, then you hear a couple of outboards start up while you’re being painted with Radar band EM, all from over the horizon … or better yet your 8 year old hears it while he has sonar duty and doing his Clausewitz assigned reading, and he says “Daddy! Pirates again.” Then you hit the dive claxxon …. I’ll shoot pirates if I have to, but wouldn’t it be nice to make it a non issue?

    I think that’s more the point. With the hurricane avoidance being more the point than that.

    BUT if you only submerged to 50 feet and had a complement of vegetation on board that could utilize the frequencies of light that make it to that depth, mostly blues, the hydroponics could provide oxygen, so you COULD stay down indefinitely! The SeaQuest SeaStead.

    And, Pastor_Jason, just for the record I do think a submersible seastead is fairly loony.

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    Thanks for giving us the sonar info and Navy critique. I’m hoping that 11 aircraft carriers will not be looking for me or my offspring. In the event that one or two look to chase us out of an area, my hope would be to have the capability to leave the threatened area without damage or incident.

    And, Pastor_Jason, just for the record I do think a submersible seastead is fairly loony.

    For the record… you’re not the first person to say it and I’m sure you won’t be the last either. =) To quote the mad scientist in every cartoon ever broadcast on Saturday mornings everywhere, “It’s so crazy… it just might work!” Considering we’re talking about casting off civilization as we know it and floating freely in the deep ocean… you know… that place that sometimes swallows huge ships; I think being criticized as “loony” might be a compliment or at least an indication that I’m on the right track.

    Live Well!


Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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