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Small-Moderate Comunity Seastead Businesses – 100-2,000

Home Forums Research Business Small-Moderate Comunity Seastead Businesses – 100-2,000

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    This thread is about businesses for a small to moderately sized seastead platform of any kind with a daily average population from a few hundred to a few thousand of whatever mix of permenant and temporary residents as you please for your idea. The seastead could be a single platform or a matrix of any number of different platforms. It could be build around a single economic purpose, such as a floating academy, or it could be maintained through any other sort of cohesion, economic, political, or otherwise.

    Your business can either be based upon the seastead itself or be based elsewhere but focused upon selling goods/services to the people/businesses on a small to moderate community seastead. Whatever you imagine, as long as the existence of a small to moderately sized at sea is central to your business in some way.

    If your idea is based upon certain criteria, just mention briefly what you would need for your company to survive. If it does not need any criteria and could operate on any sort of seastead at all, just launch into your business idea and get some feedback. Your idea can be based upon the technologies we have today or perhaps be based upon the realization of an emerging or possible technology, but please keep your posts in this thread tied to the realm of the possible – no Blood-Diamong Laundering Service or Mike’s Meth Warehouse please.

    If you have ideas for Single Family/Business Seasteads or ideas for businesses on large community seasteads (10,000 plus people) please post them in the appropriate thread.

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    A managed ‘stead-wide network would be benificial to all living aboard. Having everyone on one (highly-secured) network would simplify all intra-seastead communications. With a satelite link to the outside, all residents or guests would have an internet connection. Throught the use of wifi (or wimax) technology thoughout, along with wifi-based phones there would be no need to depend on the outragously high prices charged by off-shore cellular carriers, which I have seen as much as $10/min or more.

    Once the infrastructure was in place, the network itself would have relatively low overhead costs. Just the costs of maintanence and upgrades. The satelite link itself, for the internet, would be the expensive part. This would be the one part that would have to be negotiated to make it cost-effective.

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    That is a great idea. You could even expand the network to serve wider needs than just inter and intra seastead personal communications.

    There could be a by-demand market service which was integrated into this network that sent out general alerts whenever anything needed to be done. The local fruit and vegetable shop is running low on supplies? They can put out an alert that they need some new stores, and what they would be willing to pay for what they are looking for. The greenery hasnt been tended in 4 days? The seastead “Parks and Recreation” group (paid for by service fees for use of green areas, lease fees for food carts who sell in green areas, donations, whatever) puts up what they are willing to pay for having it done.

    Further, I put forth a business which would need your managed network (Im assuming for this case that it is your company which provides the network). This business would be called “INTEGRATION Inc” and would serve people who live on the seastead. If they had a device (TV, microwave, boat, whatever) that was not connected to the network, INTEGRATION Inc would have devices that were designed to connect them to the network. These would be simple circuts with wifi receptors and a linux-based software which translated commands transmitted over the network from linux into the “language” used by the electronic device itself. In this way you could have your living quarters wired so that all of your electronics were able to be remotely commanded. Say you were riding from your aquaculture office 5 miles out of the seastead, and you were listening to a song on your boat. You get a phone call, and INTEGRATION Inc’s software automatically sends the call from your phone to the boat, overriding the song momentarily. You finish the call as you pull in, turning off the boat just before you do so. INTEGRATION Inc’s software transfers the song you to which you were listening to your phone, and since you have a hands-free headset connected via bluetooth the song begins playing over that. As you walk up the stairs from your boat into your living quarters, you get an email, which is sent to your phone as well. You bring it up to read just as you walk in the door, and INTEGRATION Inc’s software transfers the song to your sterio and the email to both your computer and your TV. At the same time, your refridgerator (which is built laterally into the wall to save space) moves your dinner to a recepticle. You pick it up and put in in the oven, which has already “spoken” to the fridge and knows exactly how long and how hot it needs to cook your dinner. You go into your living room and sit down, and your home, using motion trackers and INTEGRATION Inc’s software, lets your firend, who is already home, know that you are in. The friend calls your phone, and the call is sent via INTEGRATION Inc’s software to your TV and a web cam, and you video chat from your couch without having to do anything at all, all while you wait for dinner.

    You can see what else could be possible using a massively integrated network like this.

    (As to privacy issues, you would of course be able to set it up how you wanted, from not integrated at all to completely integrated like the above example)

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    This is a huge advantage of creating an entire community from scratch. You have the opportunity to learn from the past systems that are in place and start things off right, instead of using 100 year old technologies and then never being able to upgrade the infrastucture because of the billions of dollars that it would cost to gradually do it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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