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Small building blocks

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    I’ve considered a seastead type of structure for a long time and I’ve always thought that the best way to approach it would be to have a small replicable building block that, when put together, could eventually end up with the large structure. Much like bricks or concrete blocks for buildings, you could do the same for seasteads.

    Whatever the structure, you can break the main pieces up into thousands of equal sized pieces that can be put together. This way, production and transportation of the basic pieces would be easy and all you would need to do on site is assemble them.

    You could even have a small facility on your seastead to make new parts from raw material and produce more and more.

    Something to think about.

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    on another thread i suggested building blocks the size, shape and form of High Cube shipping containers (8x9x40) made of fiber reinforced concrete, sub divided into four ten foot internal compartments with hatches (manholes) in the ceilings for egress as a basic building block. They could be empty and used for floatation only, used for transportation of the equipment needed to assemble the blocks at their ocean location or even as living space. Fell on deaf ears…

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    How about equilateral triangles made out of bamboo?


    The building block discussion is erradicated on several threads among those the modular island thread, the apply concrete shell seasteading thread, the startup budget thread, the megafloat thread, the modular seasteading thread, etc… to sum up the essence of the building block discussion it is clear that seasteading without creating some kind of building blocks can not happen as the method to build a complete unsegmented seastead in a shipyard is impossible due to the limited size of shipbuilding installations.

    Happens also that the bigger your building block (module) the bigger the cost for the building site. Basicly there is a exponential building site cost growth associated to the size – the bigger the block the higher the building site cost.

    This is why ship sized or city block sized building blocks where abandoned due to the enourmous upfront cost for the building site. That brought us to single family house sized building blocks or break the size even more down to barrel size . Or even more to bottle size (richard sowa).

    Discussed was also if you can go with a lego like sistem of standard building blocks – and it turned out to be difficult to unify the different ideas – hexagon, kite shape, etc…etc… – at the end the building block should be small to allow a small entrance barrier and it should allow to raft up structures of any size and shape (just as bricks do) according to the owners needs.

    At the end we will probably have several competing building block sistems that can not be decided on the “drawing computer” but must be presented to the final customer – and he will decide what is the best in the “buy a modular single family floating home showroom” – answers to “what is best” should be expected to not condense in a “final sistem” but will probably end in multiple solutions depending on the owners need.

    Rafts of family house size (wether built from blocks or not) should be able to be rafted together without “maoisation” of the sistem. Seasteaders are a very diverse group you will never be able to make them agree to a uniform sistem.

    If you have an idea that could creat floating living space at a cost per squaremeter similar to land based housing prices you should probably just do it offer it to the public and see if you can SELL – if you cant`t sell – forget it – if you discuss it without trying to sell it you will never know if it could have worked in the end.

    So my advise keep the blocks small – (transportable in a pick up) raft something up that can be sold as a boat dock – a floating house platform, etc…if you have a good idea and a good implementation you have a business.



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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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