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    Incuraging unions are all well and good but then after they have been around long enough you wind up with the problem the US has on that side of the coin. Unions demanding, not fair wages, and safe areas to work, but unfair wages and benifits, and holding the companies hostage until they get those unfair demands. It is one of the reason so much manual labor work has just lef the US, Unions don’t allow fair pay anymore they want well above what they are working for. Then some unions will even force companies NOT to be able to hire anyone who’s not in the union. (That’s where you have to get ‘right to work’ laws). The point is I’d rather find some new way to get around possible big bussiness curruption instead of unions. They work for a time and then fail.

    Goes from the worker being the slave to the emplyee being the slave. America has lost many good jobs that way.

    (Like I said on OWS VS SS: Corproate Greed VS Emtitlements. Both are wrong)

    ‘Lead, Follow, or get out of my way.’ -Unknown

Viewing 61 post (of 61 total)

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