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Single Family/Platform Seastead Businesses

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    This thread is about businesses for a single platform of any kind, whether it be a small one family unit or a large single vessel/rig. The seastead must be a single platform some type, though, even if and meant to be operated alone, even if it is designed – or even necessary – for linking up with other platforms.

    Your business could be building single family or business platforms, it could be located on its own platform and move from large seastead to large seastead freely, it could be based elsewhere and be focused on selling goods/services to single-unit seasteads, whatever. As long as your idea requires the existence of single family/unit seasteads for its premise.

    If your idea is based upon certain criteria, just mention briefly what you would need for your company to survive. If it does not need any criteria and could operate on any sort of platform at all, just launch into your business idea and get some feedback. Your idea can be based upon the technologies we have today or perhaps be based upon the realization of an emerging or possible technology, but please keep your posts in this thread tied to the realm of the possible – no Peg-Leg Pete’s Pirates For Hire please (though Paul’s Pizza-and-a-Prostitute Delivery would be freaking awesome).

    If you have ideas for business focused on small to moderately sized seasteads (a few hundred to a few thousand people) or ideas for businesses on large community seasteads (10,000 plus people) please post them in the appropriate thread.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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